29 terms

Wordly Wise 3000, book 5, lesson 14

Lesson 14 word list and its definitions.
access (n.)
Freedom or permission to enter.
access (n.)
A way of approach or entry.
accessible (adj.)
Able to be used or entered.
associate (v.)
To bring together in the mind.
associate (v.)
To come or be together as friends or companions.
associate (n.)
A person with whom one is connected in some way, as in business.
boisterous (adj.)
Noisy and uncontrolled.
brilliant (adj.)
Very bright; sparkling.
brilliant (adj.)
Very clever or smart.
decade (n.)
A ten-year period.
delicate (adj.)
Easily broken or damaged.
delicate (adj.)
Needing care and skill.
delicate (adj.)
In poor health; weak.
employ (v.)
To hire and put to work for pay.
employ (v.)
To use.
idle (adj.)
Doing nothing; not working.
idle (v.)
To spend one's time doing nothing.
idle (v.)
To run (an engine) slowly.
illuminate (v.)
To light up; to supply with light.
illuminate (v)
To make clear or understandable.
provide (v.)
To give what is needed; to supply.
provide (v.)
To set forth as a condition.
require (v.)
To need or demand.
taunt (v.)
To make fun of in an insulting way; to jeer.
taunt (n.)
An insulting remark.
tolerant (adj.)
Willing to let others have their own beliefs and ways, even if different from one's own.
tolerate (v.)
To accept willingly and without complaining.
transform (v.)
To change the form, looks, or nature of.
wilderness (n.)
An area where there are few people living; an area still in its natural state.