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Pediatrics final part 2

pediatrics final from Denza's study guide
Cystic Fibrosis,
autosomal-recessive disease that causes dysfunction of the exocrine glands. mucus production obstructs vital structures. problems that arise are lung insufficiency, pancreatic insufficiency and increased loss of sodium and chloride in sweat.
S/S Cystic Fibrosis
usually found in caucasians, meconium ileus at birth, recurrent respiratory infections, pulmonary congestion, delayed growth and poor weight gain, fatty frothy foul stools
TX Cystic Fibrosis
pancreatic enzymes given with food, fat-soluable vitamins (A,D,E,K), high calorie, high protein, high fat and moderate to low carb diet.
life-threatening infection of epiglottis that progresses rapidly and causes airway obstruction. organism usually responsible is H. influenzae.
S/S Epiglottitis
sudden onset, restlessness, high fever, sorethroat & dysphagia, drooling, muffled voice, child assumes "tripod position" to facilitate breathing
Tx Epiglottitis
Hib vaccine, maintain child in upright sitting position, possible intubation or trach, administer IV antibiotics
Special considerations for Epiglottitis
do not examine the throat of a child with epiglottitis, do not put a tongue blade or any object into the throat because of the risk of obstructing the airway
viral infection of the bronchioles characterized by thick secretions.
upper resp symptoms, irritable, paroxysmal coughing, poor eating, nasal congestion, nasal flaring, wheezing, prolonges expiratory phase of respirations
isolate child, observe for hypoxia, clear airway of secretions with bulb syringe, mist tent and O2, maintain hydration