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- creates a positive image of the future that motivates organizational members and provides direction for future planning and goal setting

CHARISMATIC: strong, confident, dynamic personalities
- model values by acting consistent with the vision
- communicate high performance expectations to followers
- display confidence in followers abilities to achieve the vision
-- ethical charismatics - open to positive and negative feedback, recognize others' contributions, share information, and have moral standard that emphasize the larger interests of the group
-- unethical charismatics - control and manipulate followers, do what's best for themselves, and only want to hear positive feedback

TRANSFORMATIONAL: generating awareness and acceptance of a group's purpose and mission by getting employees to see beyond their own needs and self interest
-- make followers feel like they are a vital part of the organization
-- charismatic leadership - transformational leaders act as role models for their followers
-- inspirational motivation - means that transformational leaders motivate and inspire followers by providing meaning and challenge to their work
-- intellectual stimulation - transformational leaders encourage followers to be creative and innovative, to question assumptions and look at problems in new ways even if different from leaders
-- individualized consideration means transformational leaders pay special attention to followers individual needs by creating learning opportunities, accepting differences, being good listeners