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extremely good quality or very well made (adj)

good quality/high quality

well made, from good materials (adj phrase)


a British word for describing goods, products, materials etc that are of a high quality (adj only before noun)


a product or a service that is first-class is much better than most others (adj)


of a very high quality and often valuable, rare, or very skilfully made (adj only before noun)


a word used especially in advertising meaning better made or of a better quality than most similar products (adj only before noun)


_________ model/version/edition etc (=one that is of high quality because it has more features or uses better quality materials than other ones made by the same company) (adj only before noun)


extremely good (adj)


so good that it could not be made any better (adj)


an informal word meaning very good (adj)


extremely good, especially in a way that makes you feel happy or excited (adj)


extremely good, especially because it is of the highest quality or very skilfully done (adj)


extremely good, especially in a surprising and unexpected way (adj)

be out of this world

so good, enjoyable, etc, that it is unlike anything you have ever experienced (v phrase)

a dream come true

an event or piece of news which is something that you have wanted to happen for a long time but you never really thought that it would happen (n phrase)


an informal American word meaning good (adj)


an informal word meaning very good used especially to show that you approve of someone's ideas, plans etc very much (adj)


an informal British word meaning extremely good and clever (adj)


attractive offer/proposition/ package etc (=one that is very good and makes you want to accept it) (adj)


extremely good and therefore noticed and admired by many people (adj)


extremely good, and showing an unusually high level of skill or intelligence (adj)


good and admired by people (adj)


work that is better than other work of the same type (adj)


something which has good qualities that make you like and admire it (adj)


used to describe day/evening/morning/weather (=a word used especially in British English meaning sunny and warm) (adj)


a film/book/story/album etc which is one of the best of its kind (adj only before noun)


a book, film, painting etc which is one of the best of its kind (n C)

be OK

an informal expression meaning to not be really good, but not be bad (v phrase)


not really good, but as good as you can expect, according to the person, situation etc (adj)

not be bad

to not be really good, but be better than you expected (v phrase)

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