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indigenous peoples

natives that have been conquered or dominated by others who come later.

subsistence farming

farming carried out mainly to provide food for farm families, with little surplus for sale to others

traditional culture

customs and was of life handed down from ancestors


long term lack of rain

ethnic group

people who share common physical features and a cultural identity


one room house made of wood or mud brick

slash-and-burn method

cutting and burning the forest to clear land for farming

migrant workers

workers that move from place to place to find work


A change in a way of life to suit new conditions


A large area with a particular kind of scenery


Conducting trade by exchanging goods or services instead of money


A large farm especially in hot areas


A set of actions performed as part of a ceremony.

El Nino

A warm ocean current that flows off the west coast of South America every few years. Can cause extreme weather.

Extreme Weather

Severe or unusual weather conditions:hurricanes, tornadoes, or blizzards.


The scientific study of climate and weather patterns

Natural Disaster

Great destruction or loss of life caused by natural forces rather than human actions.

Tropical Cyclone

A severe storm with high winds that spiral around a calm center.

Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones are examples of ___________?

Tropical Cyclones


The calm area at the center of a hurricane or other tropical cyclone.

Eye Wall

The ring of thunderstorms that surrounds the eye.


A band of dense clouds that swirls around the eye wall of the hurricane.

Tropical Disturbance

A cluster of thunderstorms near the equator that moves with the prevailing winds.

Tropical Depression

A storm near the equator with winds moving in a circle at speeds up to 38 miles per hour

Storm surge

A wall of water that is pushes ashore by a storm


The systems that keep an area free of filth and germs that can cause disease.


Solid and liquid waste from homes and buildings that is carried away by sewers and drains.


the layer of air that surrounds earth


The movement, or transfer, of heat through a gas or liquid


the steady movement of air or water due to convection


to loose heat and change from vapor or gas into a liquid


A violent spinning wind storm that appears as a funnel shaped cloud.


In an area defined by 1 or more natural or cultural characteristics that sets it apart from others.

Tropical Zone

The area between the equator and the tropic of cancer and Capricorn where it is hot.

Cash Crops

A crop that is grown to be sold rather than to be consumed by the farmers and their families.


Travel for pleasure rather than business or necessity.

Prevailing Winds

Winds that usually blow in a certain direction.

Safer-Simpson Scale

It rates hurricanes on a scale from 1-5 to measure how powerful it is.

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