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why is it important that bacteria release nutrients?

if nutrients weren't released, eventually it would all be locked up in dead, non-decaying tissue

what term best describes heterotrophic bacteria that feed on living tissue?


bacillus megaterium

large, bacillus

rhodospirillum rubrum

medium/small, spirillum

staphylococcus epidermidis

small, coccus

e. coli

medium, bacillus

what was the gram+ control for bacteria?

staphylococcus epidermidis

what was the gram- control for bacteria?

escherichia coli

is bacillus megaterium gram positive or gram negative?

gram positive (stained purple)

bacillus megaterium: form, margin, and elevation

large, wrinkled, and flat

e. coli: form, margin, and elevation

small, smooth, and flat

staphylococcus epidermidis: form, margin, and elevation

small, rounded, and convex

where are the bacteria in a nodule?

inside the cell (pink dots)

what is the relationship between a plant and bacterium called?

a mutualism

how does the bacteria (rhizobium) benefit from the relationship between bacterium and plant?

the bacteria gets sugars and other nutrients from the plant

how does the plant benefit from the relationship between bacterium and plant?

the reduced nitrogen made from the bacteria is fertilizer

what is used to determine the effectiveness of antibiotics?

a sensitivity plate

oscillatoria grows as long chains of cells called


where does nitrogen fixing occur in nostoc?


adjacent cells share a common...


what is the function of a sheath?

protection and to keep the colony together

do clusters of gloeocapsa represent multicellular organisms?

no because you can break down the cells without killing them

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