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Old Testament Part 4

When Hezekiah was about to die, he prayed for mercy and God granted him:
Fifteen more years
What does Deutero-Isaiah mean?
It is a second Isaiah
What are the most common divisions critical scholars make of the Book of Isaiah?
1-39; 40-66
What is the unifying focus of the servant passage in Isaiah?
The servant is God's instrument
Who predicted that Babylon would be conquered by Persia?
To whom does the servant in Isaiah 49:3 refer?
The Remnant
The most likely interpretation of the suffering servant of Isaiah 52:13-53:12 is the servant represents:
Jesus Christ
Isaiah 61:1-3 is fulfilled by Jesus and recorded in
Luke 4:21-30
What does Isaiah use to represent the relationship of God and Israel in Isaiah 62?
Premilennialism refers to the reign of Christ:
on earth after he returns
Where did Jeremiah live?
Which king tried to kill Jeremiah?
Who served as Jeremiah's scribe?
Which is least likely to be the age of Jeremiah when he received his call from God?
When God confirmed Jeremiah's call by touching his mouth, he symbolically:
Placed th divine Word there
Jeremiah compared Israel's idols to:
Broken cisterns
God told Judah that their sin would be ultimately judged by:
A foreign nation
Jeremiah told the people that while they did not observe God's law the laws were observed by
The struggles that were most difficult for Jeremiah were the struggles with:
Who was basically responsible for filling Judah with idolatry?
Where did God send Jeremiah to preach in Jeremiah 18:7-19:15?
Potter's House
At what place did Jeremiah give the warning of final judgment for Judah?
Kidron Valley
What object did Jeremiah use to symbolize the irreversible destruction of Jerusalem?
Broken an Earthenware Jar
In which chapter of the Book of Jeremiah does Jeremiah rebuke the prophets and their audiences?
How long did King Jehoahaz reign?
Three months
Jeremiah warned the Judeans that Nebuchadnezzar would put them in exile for a period of:
Seventy years
Jeremiah said that the new covenant would be written on:
Who did Jeremiah use in an object lesson to emphasize that man needed to obey the heavenly father?
What did Jehoiakin do to the scroll which contained the words of God?
Destroyed it
What did Nebuchadnezzar do to Zedekiah?
Blinded him