Lecture 20 Emotions and Stress

Quiz 5
Insular cortex activates this emotion
Kulver Bucy Syndrome
removal of temporal lobes; oral tendencies, hypersexual, loss of fears
Plays a role in fear and anxiety; activated when we are threatened
Damage to the Amygdala
difficulty recognizing and producing fearful expressions; difficulty learning fears
Aggression and Serotonin
aggression is related to a reduction in serotonin activity
Stress Response
1. Activation of the Sympathetic Branch of the Autonomic Nervous System
2. HPA axis (Hypothalamic- pituitary- adrenal)
released in limbic structures during stress
released from locus coeruleus
Voodoo Death
when a healthy person comes in contact w/ something taboo and they strongly believe they're going to die as well as their family
Urbach- Wiethe Disease
leads to the degeneration of the amygdala
Hans Selye
discovered the effects of stress through rats
Adrenaline and Norepinephrine
hormones released into the bloodstream in response to stress