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MGMT 320 Midterm Study Guide 1

75 Questions on all of what we've went over in class.
Internet advertising is growing at a rate of more than 25 percent a year.
Developing a new product, fulfilling an order, and hiring a new employee are examples of business processes.
A fully digital firm produces only digital goods or services.
A business model describes how a company produces, delivers, and sells a product or service to create wealth.
Information technology (IT) consists of all the hardware that a firm needs to use in order to achieve its business objectives, whereas information systems consist of all the software and business processes needed.
The six important business objectives of information technology are new products, services, and business models; customer and supplier intimacy; survival; competitive advantage; operational excellence; and
Improved decision making
The use of information systems because of a necessity describes the business objective of
Which of the following choices may lead to competitive advantage: (1) new products, services, and business models; (2) charging less for superior products; (3) responding to customers in real time?
1, 2, and 3
An information system can be defined technically as a set of interrelated components that collect, process, store, and distribute information to support
decision making and control in an organization.
The three activities in an information system that produce the information organizations use to control operations are
input, processing, and output.
Identifying customers is a responsibility of the __________ function.
sales and marketing
Producing bills of materials is a business process within the ___________ function.
manufacturing and production
Which of the following is an example of a cross-functional business process?
creating a new product
Which type of system would you use to change a production schedule if a key supplier was late in delivering goods?
To monitor the status of internal operations and the firm's relations with the external environment, managers need _________ systems.
transaction processing
A firm can be said to have competitive advantage when they have higher stock market valuations than their competitors.
The competitive forces model was created for today's digital firm.
Customers are one of the competitive forces that affect an organization's ability to compete.
A transparent marketplace means that there is high product differentiation.
In an efficient customer response system, digital answering systems are used to monitor and respond to customer inquiries.
Advances in data storage have made routine violation of individual privacy more difficult.
Professionals take on special rights on obligations because of their special claims to knowledge, wisdom, and respect.
Privacy is the right to be left alone when you want to be, without surveillance or interference from other individuals or organizations.
Web sites use "cookies" in order to obtain the names and addresses of their visitors.
A cookie is a small file containing information about you and your Web activities that I deposited on your hard disk by a web site.
Information systems
raise new ethical questions
The introduction of new information technology has a
ripple effect raising new ethical, social, and political issues.
In the information age, the obligations that individuals and organizations have concerning rights to intellectual property fall within the moral dimension of
property rights and obligations.
In the information age, the obligations that individuals and organizations have regarding the preservation of existing values and institutions fall within the moral dimension of
quality of life.
The four key technical trends responsible for current ethical stresses related to information technology are (1) doubling of computer power every 18 months, (2) data analysis advances, (3) declining data storage costs, and (4) _____________
networking advances and the internet
Advances in data storage techniques and rapidly declining storage costs have
made routine violations of privacy cheap and effective.
The use of computers to combine data from multiple sources and create electronic dossiers of detailed information on individuals is called
Accepting the potential costs, duties, and obligations for the decisions you make is referred to as
The feature of political systems in which a body of laws is in place that permits individuals to recover the damages done to them by other actors, systems, or organizations is referred to as
The feature of social institutions that means mechanisms are in place to determine responsibility for an action is called
IT infrastructure technology is purely a set of physical devices and software applications that are required to operate the entire enterprise.
Client/server computing is a widely used form of centralized processing.
Application server software is responsible for locating and managing stored Web pages.
An application server may reside on the same computer as a Web server or on its own dedicated computer.
Enterprise integration requires software that can link disparate applications and enable data to flow freely among different parts of the business.
The mainframe market has grown steadily over the past decade.
The operating system is used to manage the computer's activities.
Which of the following is NOT an IT infrastructure services component?
operating system software
Place the following eras of IT infrastructure evolution in order, from earliest to most recent: (1) Cloud Computing Era (2) Client/Server, (3) Enterprise Era, (4) Personal Computer, and (5) Mainframe and Minicomputer.
4, 5, 3, 2, 1
The introduction of the minicomputer
all of the above
A grouping of characters into a word, a group of words, or a complete number is called a record.
Each characteristic or quality describing a particular entity is called an attribute.
Program-data dependence refers to the coupling of data stored in files and software programs that use this data such that changes in programs require changes to the data.
A DBMS reduces data redundancy and inconsistency by
minimizing isolated files with repeated data.
A characteristic or quality describing an entity is called a(n)
Which of the following non-digital data storage items is most similar to a database?
library card catalog
Telephone networks are fundamentally different from computer networks.
Increasingly, voice, video, and data communications are all based on Internet technology.
To connect two computers together in the same office, you must have a computer network.
An NOS must reside on a dedicated server computer in order to manage a network.
A hub is a networking device that connects network components and are used to filter and forward data to specified destinations on the network.
A device that acts as a connection point between computers and can filter and forward data to a specified destination is called a
The Internet is based on which three key technologies?
Client/server computing, packet switching, and the development of communications standards for linking networks and computers.
The method of slicing digital messages into parcels, transmitting them along different communication paths, and reassembling them at their destinations is called
packet switching
The telephone system is an example of a ___________ network.
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of packet switching?
Packet switching requires point-to-point circuits
In TCP/IP, IP is responsible for
disassembling and reassembling of packets during transmission.
The potential for unauthorized access is usually limited to the communications lines of a network.
Computers using cable modems to connect to the internet are more open to penetration than those connecting via dial-up.
Wireless networks are vulnerable to penetration because radio frequency bands are easy to scan.
The range of Wi-Fi networks can be extended up to two miles by using external antennae.
Viruses can be spread through email.
Computer worms spread much more rapidly than computer viruses.
One form of spoofing involves forging the return address on an email so that the emil message appears to come from someone other than the sender.
_______ refers to policies, procedures, and technical measures used to prevent unauthorized access, alternation, theft, or physical damage to information systems.
_______ refers to all of the methods, policies, and organizational procedures that ensure the safety of the organization's assets, the accuracy and reliability of its accounting records, and operational adherence to management standards.