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Relatively enduring characteristics that influence behavior in many situations are termed _________.

Individualists; collectivists

____________ act in ways to stand out from others. By contrast, _________ acts in ways to emphasize their similarity to others.

A general appreciation for art, adventure, and experience

Which of the following describes the Five-Factor model dimension of openness to experience?


An all-consuming need for power is sometimes known as Machiavellianism. Because the trait is named in his honor, it would be reasonable to suppose that the need for power was a ________ trait for the Italian prince


Which of the following is NOT one of the "Big Five" personality dimensions?


Bernie faithfully dials 1-866-PSYCHIC when he faces a big decision or when he simply feels uncertain. He believes the prognostications of the "gifted advisor," even though the personality attributions are so vague that virtually anyone's experiences would confirm them. Bernie's example illustrates the _______ effect.


Dr. Abbott is an industrial/organizational psychologist. She is examining the relationships among scores on certain MMPI-2 scales and measures of job satisfaction in a particular industry. Dr. Abbott's work exemplifies _________ research.

id; superego

Very broadly, nature is to nurture as the ____ is to the _____ in Freud's theory of personality.

defense mechanism

In order to protect herself from experiencing anxiety, Nancy is attributing her own unacceptable aggressive impulses to another individual. Nancy is using a:


In Freud's theory, developmental concerns that persist into adulthood and continue to influence personality are termed:

Unconscious processes contribute importantly to thought and behavior.

Which of the following Freudian notions appears to have been supported in subsequent empirical research?


Humanistic psychologists suggest that people are consciously motivated to reach their maximum potential; that is, people have a fundamental drive toward self-:

The difference between how Julie sees herself and how she would like to be.

Which of the following is an example of a self-concept discrepancy?

.40 - .50

Your text suggests that at most, the correlation coefficients for identical twins' scores on behavioral and personality measures are around:

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