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Electron Microscope

Uses a beam of electrons, which results in better resolving power than the light microscope


Increase the specimen's size

Resolving Power

The ability of an optical instrument to show two objects as separate


- A sac of digestive enzymes found in animal cells
can digest all sorts of macromolecules


Membrane bound structures that do tasks like organs

Rough ER

- Has ribosomes along its outside membrane
- Produce membrane proteins
- Then packages molecule into a transport vesicle


Where ribosome is made

Extracellular Matrix

Holds together cells in tissues

Cell Junctions

Structures in cells that connect to other cells

Smooth ER

- Produces lipids including steroids
- Helps liver cells detoxify circulating drugs


An organelle that houses most of a eukaryotic cells DNA


Produces ATP through cellular respiration

Golgi Apparatus

Recieves and refines stores and distributes chemical products of the cell

Endoplasmic Reticulum

- One of the main manufacturing facilities in a cell
- Produces an enormous variety of molecules

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