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psych practice quiz chapter 14

attitude toward the moratorium
Mr. Muller has an unfavorable view of an offshore drilling moratorium enacted in the wake of a major oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. A social psychologist would most likely say that Mr. Muller has a(n):
Which of the following physical characteristics DOES NOT seem to be preferred universally?
self-fulfilling prophecy
In Juanita's community, girls are not expected to enjoy or excel at mathematics. Juanita's algebra grades drop. By the time she is a high-school junior, she in enrolled only in consumer mathematics courses. Which concept does Juanita's example BEST illustrate?
within seconds
Research has found that we can form accurate impressions of another individual:
mere exposure
We tend to like people we see again and again: Social psychologists refer to this phenomenon as the effect of ________.
The test was very hard
Which of the following reflect a situational attribution?
the self-serving attribution
If we do well on a test, we say, "I got an A!" If we do poorly, we say, "She gave me an F." This best illustrates:
someone who waited 7 hours in the rain to get tickets
According to cognitive dissonance theory, which of the following individuals would be most likely to rate the same concert as enjoyable?
social responsibility norm.
"Help because it is the right thing to do." This is a definition of the
Activation of the amygdala and activation of the prefrontal cortex have ___________ effects on aggression.
Over time, people tend to show weaker responses to emotional stimuli. This tendency is termed ___________.
honor; South and West
The social norm that condones responding to insults with aggression is termed the culture of _________; in the U. S., it is most prevalent in the ___________.
It would greatly reduce it.
How might the presence of a single dissenter influence the degree of conformity seen in a study modeled on Asch's classic investigation?
On hearing you describe Milgram's results, your friend remarks that the participants must have been really weak-willed. This explanation of the participants' behavior reflects a _________ attribution for the behavior of the participants.
psychological reactance
Joey's mom wants him to wear his rain boots to school today because it is raining. She nags him several times to take the boots but he argues that he doesn't need them. Finally Joey's mom says "OK, I don't care - don't wear the boots" after which Joey puts the boots on. Before his mom changed her mind, Joey was probably experiencing which of the following?
Charlene can stitch 40 shirts in a day, Toni can stitch 25 shirts in a day, and Harriet can stitch 60 shirts in a day. They are working together in a group, and there is a process gain in the group. How many shirts might they stitch in a day?
"I'm glad that we are again in agreement about this decision"
Which of the following comments is most likely to be made in a group characterized by groupthink?
social loafing
Your text states that "group members will work harder if they feel that their contributions to the group are known . . . ." Keeping group member contributions identifiable may therefore guard against: