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—v—to make a big deal out of a small issue or problem in order to avoid or evade the real issue


—adj—ready to collapse; rickety; loosely and poorly constructed


--n—a preliminary exploration or survey for the purpose of gathering information


—moral integrity; righteousness


—v— to cause to be or become; make: to render someone helpless. to do; perform.


—n—a list or supply of skills, talents, dramas, songs, etc


—adj—tending to recover from or adjust easily to shock, misfortune or change


—v—to run or play in lively, carefree and boisterous manner; to win a contest easily
—n—a lively carefree or boisterous party or gathering; a lopsided contest


—adj—overly attentive to minutia and detail to the point of monotony, boredom or frustration


—to be present in abundant quantity; to be filled with

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