The Secret Life of Bees

acrimonious; acrimony
marked by resentment, bitterness or unresolved disagreement
to affirm; an affirmation
the act of declaring something to be true
something especially delicious to taste or smell
an amnesiac
a person with a brain condition or injury that prevents recall of memories; one with amnesia
to anoint
apply oil or ointment for religious purposes. Or, select for and raise to a position of stature, authority or power.
unable to sit quietly or stand still; fidgety; having many small random and undirected movements
an apprentice
a person who works for another in order to learn a trade or master a specific skill
an aptitude
capability; natural talent; an inborn or acquired ability or skill for performing or doing something
to ascribe
to attribute or credit to; to assign cause or origin
to assault; an assault
to attack; an attack
favorable; implying good fortune or good luck
pleasant, positive or neutral in influence or effect
violently or destructively frenzied; random uncontrolled or wild actions; crazy or deranged
to beseech
to beg, implore, ask or request with serious intensity
to billow
to be moved by the wind or air currents, or when fabric puffs or swells out
to blaspheme; blasphemy
to speak impiously , disrespectfully or irreverently of sacred things
boll weevil
a beetle, that attacks the bolls of cotton. An insect destructive to a cotton grower's crop.
bona fide
authentic; true; certified
shameless, unabashed, without apology or impudent. To speak or behave without regard for the more conservative judgement of others
to brood; a brood
to be in a pensive, downcast mood with unproductive negative thoughts. Or, noun- a breeding female (brood mare, brood hen). Many variable definitions & uses of the word brood.
to browbeat
to intimidate; to bully (esp. with words) (-)
to burrow; a burrow
to make a hole or passage or pocket in or under something
to carouse
loud socializing, to be rowdy; partying
an underground cemetery, esp. with tunnels and rooms with recesses for coffins, crypts or tombs
a catcall
a shrill, whistlelike sound or loud rude shout
objects of clay and similar materials hardened by high heat called "firing".
a large insect, the male produces a shrill drone or sharp buzzing sound by vibrating its abdomen
to coax
A fruit filled pie with rich crust
conveying belief in one's own superiority; displaying arrogance by patronizing or demeaning those considered inferior
cause to appear as if by magic
a consolation
the act of consoling; to give comfort. Or, a token compensation for a competitive loss
confusion,anxiety, dismay, amazement or dread
to contemplate
to consider with thoughtful attention; to observe or study thoughtfully
a convulsion
violent agitation or disturbance; commotion; uncontrolled movement
to corroborate; a collaboration
confirming; verifying
a cowlick
hair that grows in a direction different from the rest of the hair
Crepe Myrtle
a tall Chinese shrub with clusters of crinkled red, pink, purple, or white flowers imported and grown in southern and western U.S.
to crinkle; a crinkle
to make wrinkles, tiny folds or creases in a smooth surface
sly, tricky, shrewd or skilled in deception
to decapitate
to cut off the head of
to neglect duty or obligation; failure to pay a debt on time or to appear to an appointment in time
to demoralize
to have one's spirit or morale damage, deflated; to "lose heart" courage, discipline; to lose confidence or belief in ability to achieve the motivating goal; to lose hope
a designated grouping of people or things identified by a specific name or label.
barren or laid waste, abandoned, remote and without resources for comfortable existence
constant in effort to accomplish something; having attentive and persistent follow though
lacking orderly continuity
a dollop
a lump or blob of some substance, may suggest a casually determined portion delivered by spoon
to douse; a dousing
to cover, coat, saturate or immerse
a duffel bag
a large, cylindrical bag for carrying personal belongings, orginally used by military personnel
so bewildered, amazed, surprised or shocked that one is unable to speak
explain, clarify; give light to
vigorous action or an effort that strains the limits of one's strength or abilities (physical or mental)
unlikely; without evidence; improbable; not credible; drawing a thin or flimsy connection between a given set of people, events or ideas. A conclusion requiring a stretch of imagination, hard to "reach" - far to "fetch"
a hardy shrub with early-blooming bright yellow flowers
to fray
threads of woven fabric coming apart at the edges; Or, of a person - losing self containment, feeling "worn down" by anxieties, beginning to feel defeated though not completely undone
a frock
a dress worn by a girl or woman, often referring a casual or inexpensive dress worn at home
a lack of gracefulness; awkward, ungainly, clumsy; often a young person growing into unaccustomed longer limbs - also then "coltish"
a gizzard
a thick muscular pouch in the stomach of many birds and reptiles that grinds food, often with the aid of ingested stones or grit
to griddle; a griddle
to cook on a griddle, usually to fry or grill. Or, noun- a hot metal cooking surface (as on top of a stove)
not fully awake, unsteady, dazed, confused, sluggish, or dizzy, as from lack of sleep, drunkenness or head injury
a pattern of diagonal lines forming "V" shapes, refers to similar look of the ribs of a fish.
to hibernate
sleep during winter;inactive or dormant
a person of superior intellectual interests and tastes
to hightail
to go away or leave rapidly
a shrub with large, showy globe like flower clusters of white, pink, or blue
an imbecile
foolish or stupid
the condition that permits either natural or acquired resistance to disease. Or, protection from legal prosecution
rude, marked by casual disrespect, bold
strong displeasure at something considered unjust, rude or insulting; righteous distain.
an inferno
a place or region that resembles hell; a very hot fire
clever, inventive, innovative, characterized by originality in construction or approach
an intrusion
entering without invitation - referring to mental space, personal privacy , physical space or property.
quick to anger; irritable or easily irritated
lustrous variable colors that seem to shift shine differently with movement of the object or a changing angle of light
to jangle; a jangle
making a harsh, sharp or tinkling sound, as when small pieces of metal hit together in a close, randomly repeated sequence, or when items are jiggled
a shrub or vine, of the olive family, with fragrant flowers used in perfume
to jilt
to be rejected or cast aside contrary to an expressed or implied commitment
a hardy, fast-growing Asian climbing vine, an invasive species when growing in the US
lathered; a lather
foam, thick suds or froth made by a detergent or soap when rubbed in water
lattice work
narrow and thin strips of wood usually crossed in a diagonal pattern with open spaces
a hard, washable floor covering popular before plastics and polymer floor coverings
the Virgin Mary
the size, volume, amount of something; or the extent, range, impact or reach of event or idea
the soft core of a bone, a rich and nutritious when eaten
a Mason jar
a glass jar with a wide mouth and an airtight screw top, originally used in home canning (pickling and preserving foods at home).
to meander
wander; take a less than direct route; to walk about without specific destination
pertaining to merchants or trade; commercial
Very small; tiny
a mishap
an accident or unluckily event
to mitigate
to make milder or softer, to moderate in force or intensity
to mourn; to be in mourning
feeling sorrow or grief due to loss; the act of a person who mourns or "is in mourning"
to muddle
to mix in a confused, disorderly or unclear manner
a muumuu
a long, loose-hanging dress, usually brightly colored or patterned, worn esp. by Hawaiian women. Similar - kaftan.
unmindful; unconscious; unaware
a vegetable particularly popular in the southern US
a fine, thin fabric with a crisp finish: used for blouses, dresses, curtains, ribbon, etc.
ornery; orneriness
disagreeable or unpleasant in disposition or temper; stubborn
very strange, unconventional, unlikely, unusual or absurd
a parsonage
the residence of a member of the clergy, as provided by the parish or church
markedly different from the usual
a percolator
a coffeepot filtering boiling water through a sieve containing ground coffee, then brewed
a perimeter
the border or outer boundary of a territory or specific area
very religious; one who is strict in observing religious traditions and maintaining strong belief
plaited; a plait
braided, especially of the hair or straw
a pomade
a scented ointment, esp. one used for dressing the hair
to ponder
to consider something deeply and thoroughly; to meditate, consider, give thought to
to presume; presumptuous
arrogant, bold, assuming, assuming or exercising access or authority that has not been granted
to purloin
to take dishonestly; theft; acquire without the permission needed
a type of fabric used in clothing and home goods; semisynthetic viscose made from cellulose fibers
to reenact; a reenactment
repeating an act; reproducing an act to demonstrate or re-experience; to induce a past event, mental or emotional experience
a remnant
a small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer exists; a "leftover" fragment of the whole
honorable or moral in character. Or, to act as if one has superior morals, while judging the acts of others to be of lesser quality or value
a reddish powder, chiefly ferric oxide, used for polishing metal, glass, etc.
saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, destruction. In religion - to save the soul from punishment or doom
to saunter
to walk at a leisurely pace; stroll
to scold; a scolding
to find fault with angrily; chide; reprimand. To express displeasure with another's actions, as in correcting a child
a scorcher
an extremely hot day
having unattractive thinness; so lean as to be boney
a southern variety of grape
to serenade; a serenade
a performance of vocal or instrumental music
to shackle; a shackle
to secure wrist or ankle with a ring or other binding, as of metal. Also, nonliteral references to being bound, as in "shackled by debt"
to sidle
to move sideways or move in from the side; to shift weight a little at a time, casually moving foot-to-foot sideways, often to approach another in a less than direct or overt manner
a color, a pale gray white metal. Or reference to coins or money. Or reference to tableware or other goods minted in silver (metal)
to simulate; a simulation
to reenact a behavior as to portray it. Or, to create a similar physical likeness that represents but is not a full reproduction of the original
past tense of verb: to slay. To slay is to kill.
OR- noun: a slew is a rough counting reference to a large amount of something, ex. "He picked a slew of apples."
to slit; a slit
to cut apart or open along a line, to make a single thin cut into something; a fissure, or a small slim opening "a slit in the fence"
to smirk; a smirk
a sarcastic smile or grin
very small broken pieces, fragments
comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble
having your attention fixated as though by a spell, enchanted; too interested to move or divide attention; fascinated
to sprawl; a sprawl
to be stretched or spread out in an ungraceful manner, taking more space than needed, not contained by reasonable boundaries
a sprig
a shoot, twig, or small branch
intended to deceive not genuine, not true, not valid; Or an argument that seems sound but proves to be false
a stethoscope
an instrument used to listen sounds in the chest - especially to check heart and lungs.
suffocating; oppressive; hot, stale or unmoving air. Also, to stop or shut off ideas or self expression. (from verb- to stifle)
concentrated and diligent study; interested in learning by study
hidden, covered, or unknown; to be beneath the water or other substance. Nonliteral uses apply similarly to what's hidden mentally or emotionally (from verb- to submerge)
reserved, habitually silent or quiet, uncommunicative. Not talkative
to taunt; a taunt
provoke, ridicule, or tease someone in a hurtful or mocking way
rash or bold, fearless daring
a trough
a long, narrow, open receptacle, like a large sink, used to hold water or food for animals
a volatile oil distilled from pine tree sap or resins
last in an indefinitely numerous series, a large unspecified number
absolute; unlimited (from verb -to mitigate)
calm and serene; unruffled
calm, not upset or agitated, unflustered; imperturbable
intensely insistent; expressed with great commitment
a Venetian blind
a window covering for privacy or to block the sun, has overlapping horizontal slats that can be raised together above the window by a pull cord
a vigilante; vigilantism
one who, without authority, exercises law enforcement powers
conscious choice
religion practiced chiefly in Haiti, with a belief in magic and that good and evil spirits influence a person's daily life
to waft; a waft
move gently (in air or in seas) by wind or waves
to wail; a wail; a wailing
to emit a long loud cry. Or, noun- a cry of sorrow and grief,
to warrant; a warrant
to require. Or, noun- a legal paper giving authority to arrest, seize, or search
all cells or fibers are thoroughly saturated with water (or other liquid) that the weight of the water makes an object heavy and hard to dry
a whirlwind
a rotating air current forming a cyclonic vertical column that moves over land or water. Also: dust devil, tornado, or waterspout. Or, as a personal experience: something fast, exciting, disorienting as if spinning (whirlwind romance)