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Chapter 18 Vocab-major endocrine glands

adreanal cortex
outer section of each adrenal gland; secretes cortisol, aldosterone, and sex horomones
adreneal medulla
inner section of each adrenal gland; secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine
located in the lower abdomen of a female; responsible for egg production and estrogen and progesterone secretion
located behind the stomach. Islet (alpha and beta) cells secrete hormones from this. It is also contains cells that are exocrine in function. They secrete enzymes, via a duct into the small intestine to aid digestion
pituitary gland, hypophysis
located at the base of the brain in the sella turcica
two glands enclosed in the scrotal sac of a male; responsible for sperm production and testosterone secretion
thyroid gland
located in the neck on either side of the trachea; secretes tbhyroxine