16 terms

Entrepreneurship - Chapter 12 Vocab

the impression people have of your company
influencing potential customers to buy before contact is actually made
a series of related activities or a combination of the two
promotional mix
the combination of different promotional elements that a company uses to reach and influence its potential customers
in the paid non-personal presentation of ideas, goods , or services.
specialty item
a giveaway such as a pen, cap, or T-shirt printed with a business name or logo
placement in the media of newsworthy items about a company or product
news release
is a brief newsworthy story that is sent to the media
public relations
activities designed to create goodwill toward a business
anything of value that a customers receives in addition to the good or service purchased
a return of part of the purchase price to the customer
simple games of chance
industry average
the standard used to compare costs for promotional expenses
cooperative advertising
an arrangement in which advertising costs are divided between tow or more parties.
advertising agency
a company that acts as intermediary between a business and the media to communicate a message to that target market
customer pretest
a procedure in which a panel of consumers evaluate an ad before it runs