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Vidal de la Blache regarded food supply as

less subject to modification than the clothing and weapons.

The frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of a group of people is a


A repetitive act performed by an individual is a


In contrast to folk culture, popular culture is typical of

large, heterogeneous group.

Jeans provide a good example of material culture that is adopted by a number of different societies. This refers to what type of material culture?

Western culture.

In contrast to popular culture, folk cultures are more likely to vary

from time to time at a given place.

In contrast to folk culture, popular culture is more likely to vary

from place to place at a given time.

Folk cultures are spread primarily by

relocation diffusion.

The use of a horse and buggy by the Amish in the U.S. is an example of a

folk culture.

The main effect of modern communications on social customs has been to

increase the similarity of social customs in different locations.

Folk customs usually originate from

the availability of more leisure time.

Hip Hop music originated in New York the late 1970s in

the South Bronx.

Folk songs are distinguished from popular songs because they

tell a story about daily activities.

Hip hop music demonstrates an interplay between globalization and local diversity because

artists receive widespread popularity and airplay yet still make local references.

An example of a folk custom used to diffuse information about agriculture is

himalayan art.

Popular customs most frequently originate in

more developed countries.

The spatial distribution of soccer during the 20th century is an example of

popular culture.

The current distribution of soccer demonstrates that

a folk custom can become part of a popular culture.

Popular customs are more likely than folk customs to

rapidly diffuse through modern communication and transportation.

Popular culture

typically follows the process of hierarchical diffusion from nodes of innovation.

Rapid diffusion of popular culture

depends on modern communication systems.

Typically, a popular culture

originates in a number of locations at the same time.

Terrior refers to

the sum of the effects of the local environment on a food item.

Cultural diversity is promoted by

the relative isolation of a group from others.

The distribution of the subjects of art in the Himalayas shows how folk cultures

are influenced by distinctive vegetation, climate, and religion.

Which concept is the contemporary geographer likely to reject?

The physical environment causes people to adopt social customs.

A restriction on behavior imposed by social custom is a


A taboo against pork is a characteristic of

Judaism and Islam.

China produces a relatively large amount of pork compared to the countries of Southwestern Asia primarily because

Moslems have a taboo against pork consumption.

The Yuan and Shan peoples in northern Thailand sleep with their heads toward the east

as a sign of obeying a customary hierarchy.

Which of the following is not an important factor in distinguishing different folk housing types in the U.S.?

choice of building material

Pioneer farmers settling the grasslands of the American West often built houses of sod, while early settlers of the eastern forest built wooden structures like log cabins. This suggests that building materials

are strongly influenced by local resources.

Which of the following is an important source area for U.S. folk house types?


Today, house types in the U.S. are distinguished by all but which of the following?

They demonstrate how popular customs vary more in time than in place.

The most important house style in the United States since the 1960s is known as


Examining elements of folk and popular culture like house styles is particularly well suited to the geographic method of

field work.

The diffusion of jeans is a good example primarily of the

diffusion of popular culture.

Americans' preferences for beverages and snacks

vary according to what is produced locally, vary from one region of the county to another, vary according to religious differences, are primarily dependent on high income and national advertising.

In which state would alcohol consumption be relatively low?


The distribution of alcohol consumption in the U.S. displays which of these typical characteristics of popular culture?

rapid diffusion, close relationship to level of income, little regard for features of the physical environment, uniform distribution across the landscape.

Which element(s) of the local physical environment is important for wine production?

climate, soil, topography, proximity to lakes or a river

Which of the following is not a distinctive characteristic of the physical environment related to wine?

Vineyards must be planted on flat land.

Diffusion of Internet service is following the earlier pattern of television, except

diffusion is much faster.

The choice of clothing in Western countries is strongly influenced by

occupation, level of income, knowledge of fashion elsewhere.

Little wine is produced in Asia primarily because

religious taboos discourage consumption.

Which of the following characteristics is more typical of a popular culture than a folk culture?

It results in a more uniform landscape.

The global diffusion of popular culture may threaten folk culture by

being less responsive to the diversity of local environments.

One significant impact of popular culture is to

modify the physical environment.

All but which of the following statements reflect the environmental impact of culture?

Popular culture may cause a rapid increase in demand for certain natural resources.

Some U.S. features material culture such as gas stations, supermarkets, and motels,

promote a uniform landscape.

Marriage dowries in India reflect

that some families value male children more.

Many LDC countries fear the loss of folk culture because

Western perspectives may become more dominant.

Diffusion of popular customs can adversely impact environmental quality in two ways?

depletion of scarce resources and pollution.

Western dominance of the news media is feared in less developed countries for all but which of these reasons?

Western radio newscasts can be heard in most countries.

People maintain their folk culture despite familiarity with popular culture primarily because of

strong desire to preserve unique customs.

Popular culture and folk culture can both result in a higher level of

extinction of animal species, demand for raw materials, consumption of animal products, and environmental degradation.

As they have more contact with popular culture, women in LDC are more likely

to bear children.

In the U.S., the number of golf courses per person is highest in

the north central states, where there is a long tradition of playing golf.

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