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sand paper discs

used to trim and shape anterior composite fillings


used to attach the sand paper disc

polishing cup, point, and disc

used to polish posterior and anterior composite fillings

Pumice and prophy cup

used to polish composite fillings

finishing strip

to finish and smooth interproximal composite fillings

composite capsule

the filling material

composite gun

used to place the material into a tooth from capsule

flowable composite

used to line the base of a prepared tooth and used for class VI restorations

acid etch

used to prepare a tooth before bonding by removing all moisture from the tooth

bonding agent

used to adhear composite filling materials to the walls of the tooth

microbrush and disposable brush

used to place bonding agent into the prepared area of the tooth

shade guide

to match up the natural color of a person tooth to the composite filling material

composite placement instrument

used to place and condense composite material into a posterior tooth

plastic instrument

used to place and shape composite material into an anterior tooth

composite burnisher

to form occlusal anatomy and achieve final contouring of the

spoon excavator

to remove small amounts of decay in hard to reach places

interproximal carver

to trim and contour the interproximal area of a restoration

high speed hand piece

to remove large amounts of decay and tooth structure

slow speed hand piece

to remove small amounts of decay and to polish teeth

articulating paper and holder

to check the bite of a person after a filling has been placed and reduced


use to hold the matrix band in place

matrix band

to keep the material within the tooth when the mesial and distal wall is missing

universal matrix system

Tofflemire ad matrix band

Auto matrix band

used on posterior teeth only/ used to keep the material in place when a mesial or distal wall is missing

Sectional matrix band

Used on posterior teeth only/ to replace missing proximal walls of a tooth

clear matrix band

used on anterior teeth only/ used to replace missing proximal walls of a tooth

carries detector

used to find decay in hard to see place in a prepared tooth

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