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Great Expectations


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describe the point of view and setting
first person, flashback, 1800s England, (christmas)
what is pips real name
Philip pirrup
where doe Pip meet the convict
in a graveyard in a churchyard, marshes beyond a river
what is Pip doing in the graveyard
looking at parents gravestones and crying, Phillip and Georgiana
what does the convict order pip to do
get him a file to cut himself out of the chains and food (witless)
why does pip obey the convict to get him these things
the 2nd convict(young man) will cut out and roost and eat his heart and liver
what is the tickler
a wax-ended piece of cane that is worn smooth by collision (a stick mrs. joe beats pip with )
interpret and paraphrase pip's comment "i often serve as a connubial missile"
married to tickler, and would get thrown across the room
what is tar water
a solution (medicine) of tar and water regarded as a "cure all" used as a tonic. makes one throw up
how does tar water get into the brandy that mr. pumblechook drinks
pip brought the brandy to the convict, but in order to replace the missing brandy he filled it up with water (doesn't want to get beaten)
when pip takes food to the convict, whom does he first meet on the marsh
the young man who is trying to get his heart and liver (the 2nd convict)
how does the convict act when pip mentions the encounter of the second convict
curious and almost upset
whom does pip's sister invite for Christmas dinner? how do the guests treat pip
mr. wopsle (the parish clerk), mr. and mrs. hubble (a wheel write and his wife), mr. pumblechook (joes uncle who is a common merchant) the guests treat pip him like he is an annoyance (indignation)
why does joe keep offering him gravy
to comfort him in his own way... why doesn't he stand up for pip ?
why do the soldiers want to see joe
because he is a blacksmith and they want him to fix handcuffs
why is one of the convicts yelling "murder" when the searchers discover them
convict 2 believes convict one is trying to murder him and if he turns him in he might get a more gentle punishment
during the fight between the 2 convicts why does the convict lie about, and why
he says he did not try to murder the other convict even though they both look beat up, and he says he stole the food from joe to protect pip
" i was too cowardly to do what i knew to be right, s i had been too cowardly to avoid doing what i knew was wrong" interpret
i was to afraid to tell joe i helped the convict and i was to afraid of what might happen if i helped him ... romans 7:15 paul- i don't understand what i do, i did what i should not
how does pip learn to read and write
biddy and self taught
explain why mr. pumblechook takes pip to town
his connection to miss H, and he knows she has wealth and hopes to get it when she dies
describe how the girl who meets pip at the gate treats him upon their first meeting
she looks down at him even though they are of the same age, she is self-posessed and calls him boy even though she knows his name
describe estella's person in at leaf 3 words based on dicken's description of her
very pretty, self possessed and scornful
explain how pip and estella entertain miss H
they play beggar and she wants pip to fall in love with estella so she can break his heart
why does pip cry after he is alone in the Havisham garden
he feels hurt and begins to feel insecure about his hands and the other hurtful things estella said
write a brief description of miss H and your reaction to her
bitter old woman, when you remain bitter you remain stuck in it
why doesn't pip describe to his sister what he saw at miss H
thinks it's wrong to paint a bad picture of a wealthy woman, might get beat if he tells the truth because they won't believer her, and its embarrassing what he did and saw there
explain how pip realizes that the stranger at jolly bargeman knows the convict and what "gift" does the stranger give to pip
the stranger has joe's file and he knows pip recognizes it, he stirs his drink which the file and gives him money
whom does pip meet at miss H the second tome he goes there
camilla and her husband, miss sarah pocket, georgiana and the pale young gentleman
how does miss H seem to get along with these people
they are wealthy and do whatever she asks them to do
when does estella let pip kiss her
before pip leaves and after the fight with the pale gentleman
why doesn't pip enjoy the fight victory and the kiss
the pale gentleman had no strength and he never hit pip hard so it wasn't a fair match. he didn't enjoy the kiss because he felt as if it were worth nothing to her just like money is worth nothing to her, so it was worth nothing to him, it was put of pity
whom does pip trust with all his secrets , even the story of the fight with the "pale young gentleman" and why
biddy because she has a deep concern for him
whom does miss H ask pip to bring on his next visit and why does his sister go "on the rampage"
joe, because pip is to be apprenticed to him and she wants to see the contract between them, because her husband is being asked to go and she really wants to go to her house
how is the scene ironic between pip bring joe to miss Hs and not mrs. joe
mrs. joe wanted to see the inside of the house to possibly get money, but instead joe gets what she has been hoping for, and he really doesn't care much for seeing her
what does miss H want from Joe and how do you know joe is nervous
she wants to see his indentures (contract binding an apprentice and a master) he is compared to a bird- speechless, feathers ruffled, and his mouth open, he wash't answering her questions, just kept saying "astonishing" because she gave pip a lot of money
what does miss H give to pip and why does she call him back
a premium (5 and 20 guineas) she calls him back to say pip was a good boy (she doesn't call him back for years later because he will be apprenticed)
pip thinks joe's "intellects were brightened by the encounter" with miss H because of what took place afterward in Pumblechook's parlor. explain what happened
couldn't say anything, but "astonishing" he lost his senses
what does it mean "to be bound" and who takes pip to be bound
to have a contract between an apprentice and a master, mr. pumblechook
how does pip's feelings about his home change? analyze and explain why he has changed after the last encounter with miss H and joe there
he isn't satisfied and happy and he no longer is content about his status. he doesn't appreciate joe as much because of estella and miss H bad influence on him
"it was not because i was faithful, but because he was faithful, that i never ran away and went for a soldier or sailor"explain his reasoning
he stayed not because he liked his job but because he loves joe and doesn't want to leave him
who helps teach pipi and educate him, and why doe he decline further instruction from Mr. Wopsle
Mr. Wopsle doesn't really teach him so he is taught by biddy. Mr. Wposle gives him lectures and doesn't teach him
who is orlick and why does pip compare him to the biblical figure of Cain
orlick is joe's journeyman because he is aggressive and gets into a fight, joe and him are friends
estella is away when pip visits miss H where is she at this point
studying to be a lady
how does pip's sister get injured and whom does he suspect
she was hit in the back of the head, convict or orlick
after mr. woplse greats aunt does where does biddy go to live
w/ pip
describe the change in pip's sister's behavior toward orlick after the attack
she is more patient and doesn't have her temper anymore
who is jaggers
Mrs H solicitor (different from a barrister), lawyer in london and the man pip met on miss Hs stairway
what news does jaguars bring pip
come into a "handsome property and be brought up as a gentleman''
how does he feel about biddy at this point(after he has come into fortune)
wishes he could have fallen in love with and marry her
what is the topic of biddy and pips argument before he leaves
teach him manners, for pip, to not be ashamed. but joe is proud of his work already
how has mr. trabb's attitude toward pip changed and why
before he doesn't care to assist him in getting new clothes because he has no money, but then he hears that he is a buying customer he is ready at his service
how does trabb's boy feel about pip
jealous and disrespectful
before pip leaves for london, he bids farewell to miss H , why does he call her his "fairy godmother"
thinks she's is his sponsored and she supposively "blessed' him with money
what is the evidence that jaguars cares more about money than helping his clients
threatens clients unless they pay
who is herbert pocket and how does ip know him form earlier in the story
"pale young gentleman"
what is herber'ts nickname for pip
describe what pip leads from herbert about miss H's life
mom dies and her father remarries and has a son who is a cook; miss H gets inheritance but the some and matt. compromise to get money by making matt pretend to be in love with her so he can take the money and leave her with only a note to excuse his absence on the wedding day ; adopted estella
why does pip ask jaguars for 20 pounds ($$) is he successful
pip wants to move to little britian to live in barnard inn and get furniture, yes
who is the "sulky,idle,rich,suspicious" student of Mr. pocket's
bentley drummle (the spider)
who is wemmick
mr jaggers clerk and pips friend
compare and contrast how wemmicks house different from where he works
his work place is wealthy with a lot a lawyers, his home is a small little wooden cottage in the mists of gardens, he doesn't like work but is proud of his home
who is the "aged" and how does wemmick treat him
wemmicks father; carrying,respect, leaves work at work to take care of him, keeps work life and home life separate
who are the guests at jaguars dinner, which guest does he seem most interested in
drummel, herbert, startrop, mostly drummle
what is unusual about the appearance of jaguars housekeeper
her name is molly, 40 yrs. old, pale, keeps looking at jaguars and her wrists are scared and disfigured
why does biddy write to pip, why do you think she doesn't read the last line of her letter to joe
to see if mr. wopsel and joe can visit pip when they are in london. biddy is urging pip to see joe because he loves him and to make time for him because she wants joe to see joe getting him to care about joe
why does pip return to his hometown the day after joe's visit
to visit estella, pip to be escort and miss H trying to get pip to like her
the convicts sit behind pip in the coach ride, where has he seen one of them before
at three jolly bargemen on saturday night, guilt-helped convict escaped-feels like he is an accomplice
how has estella changed how has she remained the same
she is more beautiful and womanly, pip still feels distant from her and she still treats him like a boy and a common person
why does pip believe that estella is destined for him
miss H keeps telling him and because he has come into a handsome amount of money he is now of equal status as her
what does miss H repeatedly encore him to do wit her re. to estella
love her love her i adopted her to be loved
how and why does pip cause orlick to be fired
orlick can't be trusted, stalking biddy
how does trabb's boy treat pip
mocks pips new status and appearing to bow at his feet
how are orlick and drummle similar in character
self-centered and given to violence, mean; different- in social status