28 terms

Genres of Non Fiction

Tells a story with overall picture in mind
authors story of his or herself
Third person account of another story
Blog Post
entry on personal or professional website
creative non fiction
tells true stories using the tools of fiction including plot etc...
similar to review points out strengths and weaknesses
spoken event where two opposing teams argue their points
Diary, journal, log
Daily account by an individual to record events of his or her life
written by the editor or a newspaper expresses view of editor on an issue usually short and persuasive
short potion of larger text meant to stand on its own
eyewitness account
First person report of an individual who witnesses an important or significant event
a narrative meant to teach a lesson in which the characters are sometimes animal representatives especially if used for satirical purposes
History/Historical commentary
factual account of an event or period in time. A historical commentary is one persons point of view of the event, based on research, fact or observation
A sermon or lecture, generally narrative in style, with a moralizing, didactic purpose
Group, chart, photo, or other info graphic
business, to personal, written for many different forms, in EPISTOLARY STYLE
literary criticism
an analysis of a work past a simple review, investigates aspects of the work ex irony, symbolism or literary theories etc
personal narrative that reflects upon ones whole life experiences less chronological and encompassing than an autobiography
one voice, usually first person, narrates a train of thought or consciousness on one topic, typically spoken
personal reminiscence
first person account of a particular event in time
political cartoon
generally a one celled comic, primarily satire, hopes to point out inadequacies or corruption in the political sphere.
gives the writers informed opinions about the quality of literary work, movies or other criteria, aka critics
seeks to improve society by showing faults through irony and humor, either friendly or sharp-edged
speech given from the clergy to the congregating typically didactic in nature
social criticism
various subgenres (satire, essay, speech, etc.) meant to criticize social trends, philosophies, standards etc.
oral essay, commentary, spoken to an intended audience, impacting word choice, tone etc.
travelogue/ Place essay
the setting provides the basis for the writing; the author recognizes something significant in the setting
A formal and systematic exposition in writing of the principles of a subject, generally longer and more detailed than a summary