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chpt 14

James Polk


oregon treaty

1844. British pressured to accept 49th parallel to not fight Britain and mexico at the same time

treaty of guadalupe hidalgo


wilmot provisio

1846. david wilmot. no slavery in new territories

the free soil party

1848-1854. north. martin van burren

fugitive slave act


uncle toms cabin


the underground railroad


presidential election of 1852

franklin pierce . support south compromise and slavery

stephen a douglas

1850's. compromise of 1850. kansas-nebrasaka bill. did not think slavery was bad

kansas-nebraska bill


american/know nothing party


bleeding kansas

1856. antislavery vs abolitionists

dred scott case

1851. dred scott. sued for freedom. slaves not citizens

popular sovereignty

1847. Lewis cass. let people in new west decide over slavery

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