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virus family, all integrate and mutate but dont cause acute disease, acc contain reverse transcriptase


virus family, replication→latency, persistence, chronic disease, eg tumours, immunosuppression, ICD


most important immunosup disease in UK cats


cats, viruses labile & cell assoc., transmission by close contact / leucocytes in blood/milk/semen, vaccines


cats, viraemia notable in BM, thymus, salivary gland and repro tracts, 40% recover, 30% viraemice w/out Ab, 30% die/intermittent excretors


cats, cause repro failure, immune disease, multicentered/thymic/alimentary lymphosarcomas


cats, test for envelope protein, antigen or capsid protein by sandwich ELISA, immunochromatography gives no false +ves, virus isolation at Glasgow

Sheep Pulmonary Adenomatosis

sheep, mammalian type D virus causing alvolar lining cell proliferation, ++fluid (wheelbarrow test), slow growing tumours and death. cull infected.

Avian Leukosis Virus

birds, avian Type C, vert/horiz transfer, subgroup A&B in 10% layers → B cell leukosis, subgroup J in 40% broilers→myeloid tumours, death, vaccine

Bovine Leukosis Virus

→bovine LN tumours, notifiable, cleared in 1999 by MAFF


cats, lentivirus, receptor CD134, isolates of varying virulence, transmission via saliva, milk, grooming, biting, mating. 10% of wandering males, ELISA for Ab or "one-step", no vaccine, neuter,


FIV receptor found on monocyte-derived macrophages & activated T cells


cats, virulent isolates→progressive CD4 (on Th cells) decline, high circulating virus→remission w/ ++Ab response (can→immune exhaustion)→rapidly progresses→feline AIDS or chronic immunosuppression

Visna Maedi Virus

sheep, rep in lung macrophages→brain, lungs, udder, joints, 2-6yrs→ICD Type IV, wasting (demyelination) and dyspnoea


gennus characterised by long incubation periods, new variants arising every few months, causing immunosuppresssion and immune complex diseases

Visna Maedi Virus

sheep, infected animals remain virus&Ab+ve, transmission in aerosol, milk, colostrum, confirm w/ AGDT/ELISA, cull sero+ve, accreditation if 2 clear tests

Caprine Arthritis/Encephalitis Virus

goats lentivirus

Caprine Arthritis/Encephalitis Virus

goats, →ICD, encephalitis in kids, insidious polyarthritis in adults, in 10% British herds, 4% animals, clinical disease rare

Caprine Arthritis/Encephalitis Virus

goats, transmitted by mixing milk, sharing colostrum, so pretreat colostrum 56C for 1hr then artificial milk, keep kids/+ve mother separate

Equine Infectious Anaemia

aka Swamp Fever

Equine Infectious Anaemia

horses, lentivirus, notifiable

Equine Infectious Anaemia

infected horses have lifelong latent infection in macrophages, →Typpe III ICD, non-neutralising Ab + compliment →RBC lysis, death

Equine Infectious Anaemia

horses, carriers for several yrs despite Ab, transmission by swamp flies, needles, semen, milk, test spleen for Ab (immunodiffusion) or antigen (IF), slaughter, notifiable

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