13 terms

SA 9th Grade- Persuasive Speech Test

critical thinking
what you should be good at to be an effective persuasive speaker
perceiving, arranging, inquiring, inferring, reasoning
major types of critical thinking skills
listening, observing, comparing and contrasting observations
grouping, classifying, or placing in order of your perceptions
asking questions and analyzing
recognizing assumptions, making generalizations, and understanding a cause and effect relationship
making decisions and drawing conclusions
logical and emotional appeals
what you may use during the body of your speech
logical appeals
an argument that is based upon factual, objective information
emotional appeals
appeals based upon the three types of basic needs of all people: physical, phychological, and social
physical needs
involve the life and health of an individual's body
phychological needs
involve the "inner" life of an individual including the need for love, self-worth, self respect, etc....
social needs
involve an individual's relationship to a group, including the need for freedom, power, acceptance, etc.