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  1. Hindu Kush and Himalayas
  2. Civilization
  3. Ganges River
  4. Polytheism
  5. S. Gautama
  1. a the founder of Buddhism
  2. b the sacred river in India
  3. c a highly organized society marked by technology, trade, art, science, government, culture, and a written language
  4. d the worship of many gods
  5. e the two mountain ranges that ring India to the north of the subcontinent

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  1. The people that first developed the caste system in ancient India
  2. the longest river in the world
  3. the first emperor of china
  4. means "sacred writing" in ancient Egyptian
  5. united Upper and Lower Egypt

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  1. Bureaucracythe wedged-shaped writing created by the Sumerians


  2. satraporiginally meant "big house" in ancient Egypt.


  3. King Syrus the Great of PersiaThe person who liberated the jews from exile in Babylon


  4. I ChingThe book that many ancient chinese people consulted to solve ethical or practical problems


  5. Cuneiformthe substance that replaced bronze