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  1. Homo Erectus
  2. The Shang Dynasty
  3. anthropologist
  4. Cuneiform
  5. Yellow River
  1. a the first known dynasty of China that left archaeological evidence that it existed
  2. b a scientist who studies the physical and cultural characteristics of humans and their ancestors
  3. c the first people to leave Africa, walked upright, and had control of fire
  4. d the river that is known as "the river of sorrow"
  5. e the wedged-shaped writing created by the Sumerians

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  1. a governor in ancient Persia
  2. The person who discovered the remains of "homo habilis"
  3. a highly organized society marked by technology, trade, art, science, government, culture, and a written language
  4. the longest river in the world
  5. that animal that is believed to be the first domesticated

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  1. Irona mixture of copper and tin


  2. Polytheismthe worship of many gods


  3. Hieroglyphicsthe worship of many gods


  4. monsoonthe largest river in the world


  5. Zigguratthe substance that replaced bronze