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  1. Bronze
  2. King Syrus the Great of Persia
  3. myth
  4. Han
  5. paleontologist
  1. a The person who liberated the jews from exile in Babylon
  2. b a traditional story that explains natural events
  3. c a mixture of copper and tin
  4. d the chinese dynasty that replace the Qin
  5. e a scientist who studies fossils

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  1. the substance that replaced bronze
  2. the island that the Minoan civilization was located on
  3. a group of government officials headed by an administrator to divide the running of the country or empire
  4. The book that many ancient chinese people consulted to solve ethical or practical problems
  5. the sacred river in India

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  1. Aegean SeaThe sea that separates Greece from Anatolia


  2. PolytheismThe worship of one god


  3. Ziggurata temple built by the Sumerians


  4. Civilizationthe substance that replaced bronze


  5. Nilethe chinese dynasty that replace the Qin