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  1. dog
  2. Polytheism
  3. Homo Erectus
  4. Bronze
  5. Confucianism
  1. a the worship of many gods
  2. b that animal that is believed to be the first domesticated
  3. c the first people to leave Africa, walked upright, and had control of fire
  4. d a mixture of copper and tin
  5. e according to this, respect for parents and elders is important to a well-ordered society in ancient China

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  1. a governor in ancient Persia
  2. a group of government officials headed by an administrator to divide the running of the country or empire
  3. the wedged-shaped writing created by the Sumerians
  4. The length of the great wall of china
  5. the sacred river in India

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  1. Darius the first of PersiaThe person who liberated the jews from exile in Babylon


  2. S. Gautamathe founder of Buddhism


  3. Civilizationa temple built by the Sumerians


  4. Amazonthe chinese dynasty that replace the Qin


  5. myththe island that the Minoan civilization was located on