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  1. Sandinistas
  2. Daniel Ortega
  3. Indira Gandhi
  4. Islamic Fundamentalists
  5. Yasir Arafat
  1. a A group of reform-minded revolutionaries that included a large number of women and students who overthrew the Nicaraguan government in 1979
  2. b leader of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. He introduced Socialist reforms in Nicaragua
  3. c Muslims who strictly follow the teachings of the Koran and reject western ideas.
  4. d leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and his goal was the destruction of Israel
  5. e The prime minister of India who led several reform movements and was assassinated in 1983.

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  1. Cambodian Communist guerillas that unleashed a reign of terror under Pol Pot
  2. was the last Communist leader of the Soviet Union. He is known for his work to end Cold War tensions, and reform of the Soviet government & economy.
  3. A political organization created in 1912 to oppose white domination in South Africa. The group protested through marches, boycotts, and strikes
  4. oil producing countries in the Middle East and other areas that maximize their profits through cooperation and by controlling the world's oil supply
  5. A group formed in 1964 that represents many Palestinian nationalist groups and is dedicated to the destruction of Israel

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  1. F.W. De Klerkleader of Solidarity that helped Poland gain independence from the Soviet Union, later became president of Poland in 1990


  2. Lech Walesaa radical Islamic group active in Palestine


  3. Pol PotLeader of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, who killed over one million Cambodians throughout the 1970's


  4. Four ModernizationsA trade organization of Western European countries built on the idea of economic cooperation and use of the euro.


  5. Tiananmen Square MassacreIn 1989, demonstrators peacefully assembled to push for greater democracy in China and were attacked by government troops and tanks