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The Sui Dynasty brought unity to China by restoring ______ traditions.

roads, canals

To bring the country together, Tang emperors expanded the network of _______ and _________.


To help govern the enormous empire, a ________________ was created with different departments.

civil service

To increase participation in the government by people of different classes, the Song changed the ______ __________ exam to include more practical subjects.


Confucianism lost favor during the post-Han chaos, so they turned to _____________ to learn how to escape from their suffering.


_________ taught moral values - the difference between right and wrong.


Confucian influence resulted in the Chinese government administering a state ________, for those wanting to serve in the government.


Buddhism influenced Confucianism by stressing achievement of morality through _____________.


Under the later _______ Dynasty, Confucian standards no longer determined government positions.

magnetic compass

Global exploration was greatly helped by the ___________ ___________.


_____ became the most popular beverage in Europe, then the across the world.


_________ changed the ways wars are fought.

wood block

Literacy was increased thanks to ______-_______ printing.


The Chinese were able to make ______ in great quantities, allowing records and knowledge to be permanently kept.

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