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  1. General Ulysses S. Grant
  2. Contraband
  3. General William T. Sherman
  4. Republican Party
  5. Lower
  1. a Union general believed in total war, burned everything to ruin the moral of the people
  2. b an item which is illegal to posses or sell
  3. c formed from antislavery Democrats and Discontented Northern Whigs
  4. d S.Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas
  5. e Union general responsible for Western theatre and capturing Fort Donelson and Fort Henry also won at Shiloh to control the Mississippi river

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  1. Union general, appointed by Lincoln responsible for Eastern Theater and pushed back by General Robert E. Lee at Richmond
  2. all people of African ancestry -- slaves as well as those who were free -- could never become citizens of the United States and therefore could not sue in federal court
  3. Lincolns under 2 minute speech after the war in 1863 to dedicate a national cemetery at site of Battle of Gettysburg
  4. 3 part plan that the union tried to do against the Confederates
    1. get Mississippi
    2. get Richmond, Virginia
    3. blockade to ruin their trade
  5. Grant given command of all Union armies; 3 major offenses launched 1: General Sheridan to lay waste farm land in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley; 2: General Sherman to advance southeastward and seize Atlanta; 3: General Grant to pursue General Lee and capture Richmond; Sherman leaves Atlanta in flames and destroys railroad tracks, loots houses, burns factories, and then takes Savannah, Charleston and Columbia before heading for Virginia

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  1. AntietamSingle Bloodiest day in the civil war, First time Lee lost, When the Emancipation Proclamation was written, made the war about slavery.


  2. Literacy testsextremely difficult tests African-Americans had to take gain voting rights


  3. John Brown's Raid: crazy abolitionist who led 21 men on a raid of the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Arm slaves with the weapon, to free themselves


  4. Reconstructionwas the period during which the United States began to rebuild after the Civil War, lasting from 1865 to 1877


  5. General Robert E. LeeUnion general helped bring the slaves into the civil war to fight against the confederates