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  1. General Ulysses S. Grant
  2. Harriet Beecher Stowe
  3. Popular Sovereignty
  4. Republican Party
  5. Bleeding Sumner
  1. a When Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts denounced "the crime against Kansas" in a widely publicized speech, a member of Congress from South Carolina, Preston Brooks, attacked him on the Senate floor and beat him senseless with a cane.
  2. b letting the citizens choose what they want to do in situations
  3. c formed from antislavery Democrats and Discontented Northern Whigs
  4. d Union general responsible for Western theatre and capturing Fort Donelson and Fort Henry also won at Shiloh to control the Mississippi river
  5. e author of Uncle Tom's Cabin

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  1. Lincoln ordered that slaves be freed or emancipated if Southern territory is seized by the Union army, Symbolic importance was the change of the Civil War's goal from Unity to freeing slaves
  2. where the shots initiating the American Civil War were fired
  3. Fight of military armies, gov. and civilians as well having civilians help produce weapons, food, and transportation of goods
  4. the formal withdraw of state from the Union
  5. was the period during which the United States began to rebuild after the Civil War, lasting from 1865 to 1877

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  1. Ku Klux Klanterrorizing social club for Confederate veterans started in Tennessee used violence against African-Americans and whites who helped African-Americans


  2. Jim Crow Lawsbecame the president of the confederates


  3. Election of 1876California wanted to enter the union
    ~California became a free state
    ~fugitive slave act
    ~popular sovernty
    ~slave trade abolished in DC


  4. General William T. ShermanUnion general believed in total war, burned everything to ruin the moral of the people


  5. ContrabandS.Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas