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  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Republican Party
  3. Anaconda Plan
  4. Battle of Ft. Wagner
  5. Upper
  1. a Massachusetts, over 40% of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry regiment 40% of soldiers injured or killed, Colonel Shaw was killed
  2. b : first republican president Wanted to get rid of slavery in NEW TERRITORIES
  3. c 3 part plan that the union tried to do against the Confederates
    1. get Mississippi
    2. get Richmond, Virginia
    3. blockade to ruin their trade
  4. d Arkansas, Tennessee, N.Carolina,Virginia
  5. e formed from antislavery Democrats and Discontented Northern Whigs

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  1. : crazy abolitionist who led 21 men on a raid of the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Arm slaves with the weapon, to free themselves
  2. Lincolns under 2 minute speech after the war in 1863 to dedicate a national cemetery at site of Battle of Gettysburg
  3. became the president of the confederates
  4. 26 year-old actor who assassinated Lincoln
  5. Fight of military armies, gov. and civilians as well having civilians help produce weapons, food, and transportation of goods

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  1. Secessionthe separation between whites and blacks


  2. Election of 1860When president Abraham Lincoln was elected into presidency under the Republican Party (first one). Wanted to get rid of slavery in NEW TERRITORIES


  3. Emancipation ProclamationLincoln ordered that slaves be freed or emancipated if Southern territory is seized by the Union army, Symbolic importance was the change of the Civil War's goal from Unity to freeing slaves


  4. LowerS.Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas


  5. Impeachmentto remove the president from office by formally charging him with misconduct in office