50 terms

English- The Canterbury Tales/ the Middle Ages

songs or song-like poems that tell a story in a regular pattern of rhythms and rhyme with simple, direct language.
sensational/tragic subject matter, omitted details, supernatural events, refrain
list the conventions
get up and bar the door
the poem that satirizes the relationship between husband and wife
the tabbard inn
where does the pilgrimage begin?
the shrine of saint thomas beckett
where does the pilgrimage end?
when do they leave (month)?
harry bailey
who is the inn owner who decided to go on the pilgrimage with them?
the knight
the pilgrim that was honored for nobility, he fought in holy wars, was wise and modest.
the squire
the pilgrim who is arrogant, parties, hangs out with women constantly, and prepares for becoming a knight.
the yeoman
the pilgrim who is a knight without the nobility & title, is a small landowner, is like robin hood, used to be sevants of knights, but travels with the knight and squire (satire- makes him look like a nut).
madame eglantyne
the name of the nun
the nun
the pilgrim who goes to a convent, but is flirty, and is looking for love on the pilgrimage (satire- was super kind to her pets).
the monk
the clergyman who hunts and owns horses, doesn't follow the code of laws by st. benedict, took money from the church, but was rarely there.
the friar
the pilgrim who would beg and preach in an assigned district, he collects penitents, women would pay him to be set up with a wealthy groom, and has a license from the pope to beg outside of his district.
a limiter
a friar who had the exclusive right to beg and preach outside of his assigned district.
the merchant
the pilgrim who bragged about how much money he made when in reality, he was in debt.
the oxford cleric
the pilgrim who was smart, read books, was the first student on scholarship, was humble and simple.
the lawyer
the pilgrim who worked at St. Paul's courthouse, he draws up documents by moving commas and giving himself money, he appears to be wise but is tricky.
the franklin
the pilgrim who is a landowner, but isn't noble. he loves wine, is demanding about food. he owns an inn- is a santa figure. (isn't satirized)
the guildsmen
the pilgrim who sells men's clothing and accessories- clothing appeared to be good quality, but they were used. He is rich.
people bought what to look good in church?
the cook
the pilgrim who is dirty, has an open carbuncles, and works with food.
the skipper
the shipman who was brutal, ignores guilt- made a lot of people walk the plank
the doctor
the pilgrim who was smart, so people didn't question him. He would prescribe drugs they wouldn't need would charge people with the plague
the wife of bath
the pilgrim who has had 5 husbands who all died, she is going on the pilgrimage to find her next husband.
the parson
the pilgrim who is respected, humble, and jesus -like. is poor but rich in faith- is what a priest should be
the plowman
the pilgrim who was an honest good worker- helped the poor and never took a penny. (no satire- in the land class)
the miller
the pilgrim who is a fat ugly thief, steals grain from those who work in mills (satire- thumb of gold)
the manciple
the pilgrim who is really smart but illiterate- could beat a college student. is a law clerk- cheats people out of their fees. is a member of the merchant class
the reeve
the pilgrim who is an estate manager, is obsessed with money, holds the money of the estate manager. Was feared. he bought the lord gifts with the money he stole from him.
the summoner
the pilgrim who told everyone he knew Latin but only knew a few phrases- he ran a brothel. wore a holly bush on a stake- suggests he is a tavern.
the pardoner
the pilgrim who sings love songs, but is supposed to be a holy man. had a relic on his hat- sold "relics"
a pillowcase
what did the pardoner claim that he had with jesus' bloody face marks on it?
A political and social system that developed during the Middle Ages; nobles offered protection and land in return for service
the highest member of the caste system during the middle ages
the all powerful lord and landowner (caste system)
the tenant who would receive land in return for military service (caste system)
a noble who granted land to vassals (caste system)
an armored warrior (caste system)
a peasant tied to the land (caste system)
doomesday book
the book of land records, who owns how much cattle, where certain buildings are and who owns them
the plague
what disease killed 1/3 of the population?
the 100 year war
what war was started because the serfs wanted to be armed--> created the yeoman and the king bow
st. thomas beckett
the archbishop of canterbury that was killed by knights of the king.
the rules of conduct that included christian behavior, loyalty to death, and the treatment of a lady
romantic literature
short stories and novels- heros who perform a question and have supernatural abilites
mystery, morality, and miracle
the main themes of plays and drama
the chorus of a song that would be sung in-between verses
the crusades
a series of holy wars of Great Britain agaisnt the muslims.
william the conquerer
the man who came from france and created feudalism, economic and social class system.