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Ellis Island

An island in upper New York Bay: former U.S. immigrant examination station. The Island where immigrants came through to be examined to get to America.

Old Immigrants

Immigrants who came to America before the 1880's. 1st Immigrants to come to the U.S. They came from northern and Western Europe.

New Immigrants

During the 1880's as many immigrants came to the U.S. as had arrived in all the years from 1820-1860. Came from the southern and eastern Europe.


Poorly built, over crowded apartments

Hull House

MOST FAMOUS settlement house founded by Jame Adams in Chicago,1889.


A part of a city especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.

Oppressive Goverment

A goverment that wants a lot of power and control making decisions that benefit a few with no logical reasoning.


People of different backrounds come to see themselves as part of a large national family.

Political Corruption

Illegal actions; used organization to gain power abd infulence laws


The process immigrants go through to become an American Citizen.


Relating to Cities


A person native or naturilized that owes allegiance to the goverment.


Relating to farming

Political Machine

Political party organization in big cities that holds power by controlling votes, courts, and police


The area on a ship's lower level near the location of the steering mechanisms for the ship. Usually for the un wealthy passangers.

Settlement Houses

Houses that were neighborhood centers in poor area's, staffed by professinals and volunteers, which offered education, recreation, and social events. Usually for freed men and women.

Department Store

Giant retail shops

Mass Transit

A soulution to moving large #'s of people; EXAMPLE: Subway

Reasons why would immigrants come to America?

HEAR-- Hope for better oppertunitys
Escape oppressive goverments
Religious Freedom

Where did the Immigrants settle?

Large Cities

Where did immigrants come through to get to America?

On the east they came through Ellis Island
On the west they came through Angel Island.

Which immigrant groups faced discrimination?

Chinese and Irish

Captains of Industry

Buisness people willing to take a risk

Who were in charge of the cities in the late 1800's?

The Political Machines

What helped the immigrants in the late 1800's?

Political Machines

How would Political machines help new immigrants

Get them jobs and housing.

Political Machines gained power by attending to the needs of..

New Immigrants

Who would you find in the steerage?


Subway, Trolley, and elevated train are examples of

Mass Transit

What is the following is the most famous settlement house in America

The Hull House

What are 3 examples of specilized industry

Auto Making, Steel Making, and Meat Packing

Who are the people from southern and eastern Europe

New immigrants

Who are the people from Northern and Western Europe?

Old Immigrants

Because of overcrowding and the rapid growth of cities the amount of green space was decresing. What is a solution to this problem?

City Parks

What was the famous processing center in New York.

Ellis Island

What was the most famous proccesing center on the west coast?

Angel Island

Low Quality and over crowding city dwellings were called ...


Immigrants who entered San Fransico between 1880-1920 were probrably from what continent.


What was the solution to the problem of educating the adult immigrant?

Settlement houses

Why did people move from rural to urban areas?

to look for jobs

In the late 1800s large #'s of people moved into the cities this was called?


Fire, Crime, Overcorwding were all examples of?

City Problems

Increase of immigration, Growth of sepcialized industries, and Movement of America from rural to urban led to

the development of cities

John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Grahm Bell, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnige, and Thomas Edison are examples of what?

Captains of Industry

John D. Rockefeller major industry was..(You drill to the rock to get to the ..)


Andrew Carnegie major industry was ...


Cornelius Vanderbilts major industry was...(Vander built the ...)


Alexander Grahm Bell's major invention was...

The Telephone

Edison's major invention was..

The light bulb and the world's first electric power station

What comprimise ended Reconstruction

The election of 1876. The southern demacrates would vote for the president if he would end Reconstrution

Business people willing to take a risk

Captains of Industry

What does the 13th Amendment mean?

All Slaves are FREE

What does the 14th Amendment mean?

All people born or naturalize is a citizen of the United States.

What does the 15th Amendment mean?

The goverment can't deny any one the right to vote.

The process of reuniting the nation and rebuilding the southern states.


Why did the political machines help the new immigrants?

to make the immigrants loyal to the boss so that they can vote for their boss

How did the political machines help?

They gave them a home and a job.

Why did they move from rural to urban

to get more jobs

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