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French word meaning "rebirth"
Renaissance Man
Energetic human being who was interested in science, literature, history, art, and other subjects
Beginning of Renaissance
Began in Italy in fourteenth century
Ending of Renaissance
Lasted until sixteenth century
Pope Julius II
Commissioned the painting of the Sistene Chapel
Painted the Sistene Chapel
Found no conflict between teachings of the church and those of ancient Roman moralists
Stated that the purpose in life was to attain virtue
Johannes Gutenberg
Invented the printing press and published first Bible in Latin
England at 1476
Considered an island far from the center of civilization
Best known of all Renaissance humanists
Thomas More
Wrote many pamphlets, biographies, and books; later beheaded by Henry VIII because wouldn't accept king's divorce
Characterized by rejection of the Pope and the Italian churchmen
Martin Luther
Founded new Christianity based on personal understanding of the Bible
Henry VIII
Wanted a divorce so broke with the Pope and married Anne Boleyn
Edward VI
King in name only; died at an early age of tuberculosis
Bloody queen of England; restored the Pope's power to England
Elizabeth I
Reestablished Church of England; known as the Virgin Queen
Colors of fashion
Wearing different colors symbolized different things, such as green for love, white and black for chastity1
Spanish Armada
Created by King Phillip of Spain to restore Catholicism to England
English Royal Navy
Created by Henry VIII; defeated the Spanish Armada