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  1. forum
  2. bishop
  3. parable
  4. Constatine
  5. Scipio
  1. a A.D. 280-337 Roman Emperor who founded Constantinople as the new eastern capital of the ROman empire
  2. b Roman general who defeated Hannibal in the battle of Zama outside Carthage North Africa in 202 B.C.
  3. c a church official who leads a large group of Christians in a particular region
  4. d a simple story that contains a message or truth
  5. e the city market and meeting place in the center of ancient Rome

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  1. Ancient city on north coast of Africa
  2. a high, arched structure built to carry water over long distances
  3. A city established as the new eastern capital of the Roman empire by the emperor Canstantine in A.D. 330
  4. The land in the eastern Mediterranean region populated by Jews at the time of the Roamn empire
  5. General of Carthage who marched his army from Spain to Rome in Second Punic War

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  1. Jesusa periodic countof all the people living in a country, city, or other region


  2. popethe former center of the both the ancient Roman Republic and the Roman empire;capital of present-day Italy


  3. civil warArmed conflicts between groups in one country


  4. Byzantine EmpireThe name by which the eastern half of the Roman empire became known some time after A.D. 400


  5. apostleThe bishop, or church leader, of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church