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  1. Paul
  2. Cleopatra
  3. apostle
  4. parable
  5. New testament
  1. a A.D. 11-67 Follower of Jesus who helped spread Christianity throughout the Roman world
  2. b The second part of the Christian Bible, containing descriptions of the life and teachings of Jesus and of his early followers
  3. c One of the 12 closest followers of Jesus, chosen by him to help him teach
  4. d 69-30 B.C. Ruler of Egyptian government in Alexandria who backed Caesar in the civil war he waged from 49 to 45 B.C.
  5. e a simple story that contains a message or truth

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  1. Region in southwestern Asia that became the ancient home of the jews; the ancient Roman name for Judea;
  2. The land in the eastern Mediterranean region populated by Jews at the time of the Roamn empire
  3. A.D. 245-313 Roman emperor who divided the empire intwo and oversaw the eastern part
  4. A branch of Christianity that developed in the western Roman Empire and that recognized the Pope as its supreme head
  5. mountain range on Italian Peninsula

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  1. bishopRoman general who defeated Hannibal in the battle of Zama outside Carthage North Africa in 202 B.C.


  2. consulone of two elected officials of the Roman Republic who commanded the army and were supreme judges


  3. ZamaSite in Northern Africa where Romans beat Carthaginian Army


  4. Punic WarsSeries of conflicts between Rome and Carthage in 200B.C.


  5. aqueducta high, arched structure built to carry water over long distances


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