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  1. patrician
  2. Dioceletian
  3. Colosseum
  4. Christianity
  5. census
  1. a A.D. 245-313 Roman emperor who divided the empire intwo and oversaw the eastern part
  2. b a religion based on the teachings of Jesus, as recorded in the New Testament
  3. c a member of noble families who controlled all power in the early years of the Roman Republic
  4. d A large stadium in ancient Rome where athletic events took place
  5. e a periodic countof all the people living in a country, city, or other region

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  1. 69-30 B.C. Ruler of Egyptian government in Alexandria who backed Caesar in the civil war he waged from 49 to 45 B.C.
  2. Roman general who defeated Hannibal in the battle of Zama outside Carthage North Africa in 202 B.C.
  3. Region in southwestern Asia that became the ancient home of the jews; the ancient Roman name for Judea;
  4. One of the 12 closest followers of Jesus, chosen by him to help him teach
  5. a church official who leads a large group of Christians in a particular region

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  1. ConstantinopleA.D. 280-337 Roman Emperor who founded Constantinople as the new eastern capital of the ROman empire


  2. Constatinethe lawmaking body and most powerful branch of government in ancient Rome's Republic.


  3. Byzantine Empirea plain on the west coast of Italy on which city of Rome was built


  4. HannibalGeneral of Carthage who marched his army from Spain to Rome in Second Punic War


  5. RomeThe bishop, or church leader, of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church