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Psych Chapter 15 Quiz - Therapies in Counseling

The following terms reflect an understanding of an overview regarding therapies in counseling and psychology.
is one type of therapy, but uses a variety of psychological methods, by trained professionals to help patients with a variety of psychological problems.
a method of psychotherapy developed by Sigmund Freud.
Free Association
is a Freudian method that encourages the patient to talk about whatever comes to mind.
Dream Interpretation
a Freudian method that attempts to reveal the latent content of dreams.
a term explained as a patient opposing psychoanalysis.
occurs when a patient in psychoanalysis reacts to a therapist in ways that resemble the patient's reaction to other significant adults.
the release of emotional energy related to unconscious conflicts.
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
the accurate identification and communication of feelings and the improvement of current social relationships.
Client Centered Psychotherapy
a humanistic therapy that tries to create a safe environment for clients, so that can discover feelings of which they are unaware.
Gestalt Therapy
a humanistic theory in which the therapist takes an active role in helping the client become more aware of feelings.
Cognitive Restructuring
a cognitive behavior therapy technique that assumes faulty cognitions are the cause of abnormal behavior.
Feminist Psychotherapy
a psychotherapy approach that encourages women to confront issues created by living in a sexist society.
Family Therapy
an approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes an understanding of the roles of each family member.
Drug Therapy
a medical therapy that uses drugs to treat abnormal behavior.
Electroconvulsive Therapy
a medical therapy that induces controlled convulsive seizures to alleviate some mental disorders.
a medical therapy that involves operating on the brain to alleviate some mental disorders.
Breach of Confidentiality
A therapist could commit a ___ if the therapist learns that the client is in immediate danger of harm or of harming someone else.
Court Order
is a situation in which it is appropriate for a therapist to breach confidentiality.
is used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.
Free Association
Ann's psychoanalytic therapist asks her to relax on a couch and talk about whatever comes to mind. This is the use of
According to Freud, when the patient reacts to the therapist in ways that resemble how he or she would react to other authority figures, the process is called
According to Rogers, the ability of the therapist to share the client's emotions is an important process called
Assertiveness Training
Anna frequently feels that she is being 'used' by others. She has been told by her friends that she is too passive. She might benefit from a cognitive behavior therapy approached called
Memory Loss
A side effect of electroconvulsive therapy is
Graded Exposure
is a cognitive behavior therapy technique used to treat phobias, encouraging the patient to gradually face their fear(s)
According to the family systems therapy view
it is important to understand the individual in the context of the person's family.
Ethical guidelines
These must be followed by psychotherapists, by following agreed upon goals, treating only the problems the therapist is qualified to treat, and based upon confidentiality.
The therapist must not ___ the client in any way.
A therapist must treat the client with dignity and ____.
Cognitive behavior therapy assumes that abnormal behavior is
Prefrontal lobootomies are performed much ____ often than in the past.
Family Systems View
"An individual's problem" may serve a function within the group, which is a symptom of the real cause in the group. This describes the position of the
Cognitive Restructeing
Persuading clients to abandon their erroneous ways of thinking is a goal of
Jorge made the comment, "Things never work out for me. Anytime I'm involved in a project something breaks." What kind of thinking does Jorge's statement indicate?
A psychological method in the use of psychotherapy can be any kind of human interaction as long as it is based on ______
Side Effects
in drugs occur because more than one neurotransmitter is manipulated by the medication.
more; fewer
Based on research, women experience ______ of the most common forms of mental disorders compared to men and women receive ______ mental health services.
Which drug marked the beginning of the drug therapy movement in 1954 with its success in helping schizophrenic patients?
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
A new form of therapy loosely based on psychoanalysis is called
Making more efficient use of a therapist's time is an advantage of ________ psychotherapy.
Group Therapy
Patients often believe their problems are unique and not shared by others. Which therapy particularly helps patients see that others have problems too?
Cognitive - behavior
The ______ approach to psychotherapy is most closely associated with the social learning theory of personality.
The procedure known as ______ uses electrical probes to destroy the cingulated cortex of the limbic system.
Client Centered Therapy
Gestalt psychotherapy grew out of the same school of thought as _________
According to Ellis and Beck, people become psychologically disturbed because they have ________ ways of thinking.
Before 1950, many uncontrollable psychotic patients underwent ________ to control their behavior.
express feelings in constructive ways
Which of the following is a goal of interpersonal psychotherapy in helping a client with depression?
electroconvulsive therapy
The goal of ________ is to reduce depression by inducing seizure activity in the brains of severely depressed people.
A type of therapy that is specifically designed to change the functioning of the brain is known as a/n ______ therapy.
Selective Abstraction
You tell your boyfriend of five years how much you love and care about him and that he doesn't compare to anyone else from your past. Your boyfriend forgets about all the nice things and only focuses on your comment about past boyfriends. You current boyfriend is unfortunately using the technique called _________
Feminist psychotherapy believes in a(n) ________ relationship between the therapist and the client.
Gender has no influence
How does the gender of the therapist influence the effectiveness of psychotherapy?
Individual Problems are caused by Problems in the Family
Dr. Susan is your family therapist. She believes that to adequately understand psychological problems, she must understand the role that you play in the family system. What statement summarizes family therapy?
a strong magnetic field
In transcranial stimulation, ______ is passed though part of the frontal cortex.
The highest ethical standards must be maintained during psychotherapy due to differences in ________ between the therapist and the client.
The relief gained from therapy when unconscious conflicts are released and intense emotions are experienced is called
The client's tendency to express feelings of affection and approval to the psychoanalyst is called __________
People who are low in omega-3 fatty acids are more likely to be ________
fosters independence
Which of the following is true about feminist psychotherapy?
create a safe atmosphere
The therapist's principal job in client-centered therapy is to ________
In client-centered psychotherapy, the therapist must have an accurate understanding of the emotions and sharing of the client. This concept is known as ______
arbitrary inference
If your pattern of thinking is that every time you get a phone call it will be bad news, then you are making the cognitive error of _____
client centered therapy
What type of psychotherapy uses the technique called reflection?
actively involved
A Gestalt psychotherapist is ______ conversations during therapy sessions.
client centered therapy
Mary's therapist focuses on her current situation and aids her by sharing feelings and providing warmth. This therapist is most likely to have a background in ______
family therapy
In _______, it is assumed that problem originates in the interactions of the family members.
The client's tendency to express feelings of affection and approval to the psychoanalyst is called ________
Making more efficient use of a therapist's time is an advantage of ________ psychotherapy.
cognitive therapists
Helping the patient to think clearly and rationally, to dispel irrational beliefs, and to find the connections between beliefs and feelings are the goals of _______
maladaptive beliefs
Someone who uses cognitive restructuring believes that ______ are the causes of abnormal behavior.
behavior therapist
Which type of therapist is most likely to maintain that a client is acting depressed because the behavior is being rewarded by the people around the client?
After several months in psychoanalysis, Ryan had an emotional outburst during which he cried and sobbed as he talked about a childhood experience. Freud termed this emotional release _________
client centered
What type of psychotherapy uses the technique called reflection?
court order
In which of the following situations is it appropriate for a therapist to breach confidentiality?
both used by Freud to discover unconscious thoughts
What do free association and dream interpretation have in common?
Which type of therapist would most likely use free association and dream analysis to explain unconscious motivations?
When a patient starts acting toward his therapist as if he were a child and the therapist were a parent (and seeking parental approval), ______ has occurred in this patient-therapist relationship.
free association
If a therapist were asking a client to talk in a loose and undirected way about anything that was popping into their minds, then the therapist would be using a technique called _________
to foster accurate self perceptions
Why would a humanist use group therapy to treat clients?
refer that person to another therapist
If a therapist cannot respect the beliefs and ways of a client, then the ethical therapist should ________
family therapy
"Interactions between all family members contribute to how well a family can adjust." This statement summarizes _________
feminist psychotherapy
In which type of psychotherapy are clients encouraged to see how society has trapped them in dependent roles and placed limits on their behavior?
ignores unconscious motivation
Which of the following is a characteristic of interpersonal psychotherapy?
social skills training
Shaping and positive reinforcement are specific tools used in the cognitive-behavior technique known as _____
In social skills training, a therapist typically ________ appropriate social behaviors.
Which class of drugs is effective in the treatment of anxiety?
social skills training
Role playing is a technique used in
The fundamental belief of cognitive-behavior therapy is that individuals are abnormal because their _____ taught them to be abnormal.
When a client-centered therapist is using ______, the therapist helps the client clarify feelings expressed by mirroring back the emotions of the client.