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Biology Ch. 18: Viruses and Prokaryotes


An infectious particle made only of a strand of DNA (or RNA) surrounded by a protein coat.


Anything that can cause a disease, such as bacteria, fungi, or a virus.


Infectious particles that cause disease in plants. They are made of single-strand DNA without a protein coat.


The part of a virus that holds DNA

lytic infection

A type of viral infection in which the host cell bursts, releasing new viral offspring to infect other cells.


To cause disease

lysogenic infection

A type of infection where a virus combines its DNA into the host cell's DNA

host cell

A cell that a virus has attacked and is using to reproduce.


A rapid outbreak of an infection. The flu is an example of an __________. In the U.S., 20 million people are infected with the flu every year.


To happen quickly


A substance, often given as a shot, that causes the body to defend against viral diseases. For example, you got the DTAP ________.


A long, whip-like structure outside of a cell that is used for movement, kind of like a tail that helps a bacteria swim.


A poison released by an organism. Bacteria can cause illness because it releases this into the bloodstream.


chemicals that kill or slow the growth of bacteria.

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