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25 terms

FRE204-Chapter 4 (Reflexive Verbs)

to have a good time
se coucher
to go to bed
se dépêcher
to hurry
se détendre
to relax
s'en aller
to go away, to leave
to fall asleep
to get agitated, irritated
to be bored
se fier à
to trust
to get dressed
s'hapituer à
to get used to
se laver
to wash up
se lever
to get up
se maquiller
to put on make-up
se marier
to get married
se méfier de
to distrust
se mettre à
to start, begin
se moquer de
to make fun of
se promener
to take a walk
se reposer
to rest
se réveiller
to wake up
se sauver
to run away
se suicider
to commit suicide
se taire
to be quiet, to shut up
se tromper
to be mistaked