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to have a good time

se coucher

to go to bed

se dépêcher

to hurry

se détendre

to relax

s'en aller

to go away, to leave


to fall asleep


to get agitated, irritated


to be bored

se fier à

to trust


to get dressed

s'hapituer à

to get used to

se laver

to wash up

se lever

to get up

se maquiller

to put on make-up

se marier

to get married

se méfier de

to distrust

se mettre à

to start, begin

se moquer de

to make fun of

se promener

to take a walk

se reposer

to rest

se réveiller

to wake up

se sauver

to run away

se suicider

to commit suicide

se taire

to be quiet, to shut up

se tromper

to be mistaked

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