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Quick Access Toolbar

A small toolbar by default at the top of the Office Window to the right of the Office button, which provides quick access to frequently used tools. It can be customized to add other tools.

Office Button

The button displaying the Office logo in the upper-left of Office 2007 programs, which contains the basic open, save, and print commands of the Office program, along with a list of recent documents.

text box

An Object that can be added to a document to set off or emphasize a section of text. It can be readily positioned, colored and borders added for extra emphasis with a document.

word art

A gallery of predesigned text styles such as shadowed or mirrored text that can be included in a document.


displays button for accessing office features and commands

insertion point

the flashing vertical line that indicates where the next action will occur

find and replace

used to replace text in your document by keying the word that you want to replace and the word that should replace it.


when paragraphs are lined up along a document's left or right margins.


symbols, shapes, or images such as dots, diamonds, or arrows placed in front of each item in a list to call attention to that item.

bulleted list

a list in which each item begins with a bullet.

font face

the unique design of a set of characters, such as Arial, Trebuchet, or Comic Sans

font style

refers to effects such as bold, italic, and underline.


the overall look of a document, including the individual characters, paragraph, and pages.


measures the distance from the edge of the page to the text.

Microsoft Word 2007

a full-featured word processing program that allows the user to create professional looking documents and revise them easily


a printed or electronic medium people use to communicate with others

mouse pointer

becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing in Word

Home Tab

the primary tab, which contains the more frequently used commands

spelling and grammar check

appears on the status bar with an animated pencil writing on paper that indicates that Word is checking for spelling and grammar errors


a saved document

file name

the name assigned to a file when it is saved

font size

specifies the size of characters based on the system called points


the character displays somewhat thicker and darker


the text prints with an underscore below each character


text has a slanted appearance

line spacing

the amount of vertical space between lines of text in a paragraph


text and graphics that print at the top of each page in a document


text and graphics that print at the bottom of every page


aligned at the right margin


A standard setting or mode of operation

tab stop

A setting that determines where the insertion point will stop when you press the Tab key.


positioned horizontally between the left and right margins of the document

Ctl + S

to save a document

Ctl + P

to print a document

Ctl + C

Copy selected text to the clipboard

Ctl + V

Paste copied text into a document

Ctl + A

Select all text in the document


text flows from the bottom of one column to the top of the next column.

clip art

Files such as pictures, sounds, and videos that you can insert in an Office document.


A grid composed of horizontal rows and vertical columns into which you can enter data.


A vertical series of cells in a table


A horizontal series of cells in a table


A line drawn around the edges of an element, such as a table or table cell. Borders can also be drawn around paragraphs and pages.


The rectangular area at the intersection of a column and a row in a table, into which you enter data or graphics.


A storage area shared by all Office programs where cut or copied items are stored.


To make an object, graphic, or text active, usually by clicking it with the mouse, so that it can be moved or modified.

help button

where you can look for additional answers and information

Insert Tab

secondary tab on the ribbon that allows you to change the margins, place clip art or word art, change page orientation, etc.


page layout that is vertical


page layout that is horizontal

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