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  1. Hydration Status
  2. Alkali
  3. Silica gel packs
  4. Inflammatory, Debridement, Repair and maturation phase
  5. Syrup of Ipecac
  1. a Four physical phases of wound healing
  2. b gi upset, further problems if included in meds
  3. c emetic agent not recommended regularly due to OD causing potential cardiac problems
  4. d Subjective parameters (3)
  5. e drain openers, oven cleaners, bleach, industrial cleaners, denture cleaner, bath and house cleaner, radiator agents, hair relaxers, alkaline batteries, electric dishwasher soap, oven cleaner pads, cement. Causes deeper lesions than acid injury

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  1. low toxicity, wide margin of safety
  2. 4 ways to monitor fluids for fluid overload
  3. clinical signs within 30 mins- increased HR, nevousness, panting, drooling, incoordination, hyperthermia, tremors, and seizures. liver failure within 2-3 days of exposure tx always needed
  4. this method can be used in dogs, cat, pigs, and ferrets if non-corrosive material was ingested . Contraindicated in rodents, rabbits, birds, horses, and ruminents. Patients with hx of cardiac disease, epilepsy, abdominal surgery, severely debilitated, coma, hyperactive, or if they have already done this.
  5. may cause problems in dogs, weakness, depression, vomiting, ataxia, tremors, and hyperthermia. symptoms within 1st 12hrs of ingestion

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  1. Hit by carlow toxicity, wide margin of safety


  2. Dorsal Ventral aspectbreathing problems X-ray position, must see vet.
    Signs: open mouth, cyanosis, head and neck extended, Avoid stress, let animal lay however they are comfortable, avoid restraint


  3. Heat strokeopen mouth breathing, excessive panting, > 105 temp, high rr and hr, bloody diarrhea, bright red mm, collapse, depression and disorientation. Life threatening, needs Emergency care ASAP, Tx steps for this: Cool floor or wet tabled, take temp, cool water hose, ice bags on hot spots, alcohol on paw pads , iv fluids at shock rate


  4. Drugs and ECGprocess of determining the priority of need and proper order of treatment


  5. Coughing
    Resp. Distress
    Nasal Discharge
    Abnormal lung sounds
    6 signs of fluid overload


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