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  1. Triage
  2. Inflammatory, Debridement, Repair and maturation phase
  3. Emergency drugs
  4. 2 minutes
  5. Hit by car
  1. a process of determining the priority of need and proper order of treatment
  2. b approach cautiously, pain = biting, not always life threatening, serious signs, distress breathing, pale/while MM, bleeding from nose. Avoid moving as much as possible
  3. c atropine, epinephrine, lidocaine, sodium bicarb, Dexamethasone, Benadryl, Diazepam, Nitro, Dobutamine, Doxapram
  4. d When should CPCR be started by (how many minutes)
  5. e Four physical phases of wound healing

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  1. ideal bag for assisted breathing, chest should raise slightly, pressure should not exceed 20cm H2O
  2. cycads, mushrooms
  3. dilution, recommended to dilute with milk/water at 1-3ml/lb of bw
  4. material not absorbed by this method are include-ethanol, methanol, fertilizer, fluoride, petroleum distallates, heavy metals, iodides, nitrate, nitrites, sodium chloride, and chloride
  5. emetic agent that is the preferred method for practitioners, available in injectable or tablets for conjunctival methods

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  1. Macadamia Nutswound strength increases to maximum level, number of capillaries in the fibrous tissue decrease, This stage begins once collagen has been adequately deposited in the wound, this process occurs for several years, the wound never regains strength


  2. Moldy foodcontains tremorgenic mycotoxins, causes muscle tremors, ataxia, and convulsions
    TX: Gastric lavage, emesis, activated charcoal, tx of seizures/tremors, and supportive care
    Prognosis: good with early, aggressive care


  3. 3% Hydrogen Peroxideemetic agent commonly used and easily used at home, 1tsp/5lbs, no more than 3 TBSP. Should see results in 15-20 mins if small meal given prior, can repeat one time


  4. Silica gel packsgi upset, further problems if included in meds


  5. Cholecalciferolcauses increase in serum calcium levels, can lead to renal failure, cardiovascular abnormalities. and tissue mineralization , 18-36 hours post-ingestion , Aggressive decontamination is most important- repeated activated charcoal every 8-12 hours for 1-2 days. Close monitoring of blood levels- renal and calcium/