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  1. Alkali
  2. Emergency phase
  3. Mothballs
  4. 2 minutes
  5. Canine Heimlich
  1. a fluids for the tx of shock (phase)
  2. b When should CPCR be started by (how many minutes)
  3. c compress lungs, animal down, place arm around waist make a fist behind the last rib, compress abdomen by pushing up 5X rapidly, administer a sharp blow with the flat of your hand between the shoulder blades
  4. d drain openers, oven cleaners, bleach, industrial cleaners, denture cleaner, bath and house cleaner, radiator agents, hair relaxers, alkaline batteries, electric dishwasher soap, oven cleaner pads, cement. Causes deeper lesions than acid injury
  5. e tx of ingestion is always required, either 100% napthalene or 99% paradichlorobenzene. Napthalene based approx. 2x as toxic , cat extremely sensitive

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  1. position for patient over 15lbs
  2. how often should you breath for the patient after the first two initial breaths
  3. psyllium, peanut butter, mineral oil and corn oil, used in the Tx. of zinc toxicity and lead
  4. most commonly found in windsheild washer fluid- contains formaldehyde, Min. toxic dose is 8g/kg
    Small exposure=mild gastric upset
  5. generally 15-45 mins post ingestion, excitation, tachypnea, salivation, emesis, and diarrhea, following this is muscle weakness, twitching, depression, tachycardia, shallow resp. collapse, coma, and cardiac arrest
    Tx. Induce emesis, in symptomatic-excitation do not use, may trigger seizures

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  1. Inflammatory, Debridement, Repair and maturation phaseFour physical phases of wound healing


  2. Fluid therapyhelps expand the patients blood and plasma volume


  3. Batterieslow toxicity, wide margin of safety


  4. Debridement Phasestarts about 6 hours after injury, WBC remove necrotic tissue, bacteria, and foreign material. The WBC and fluid leaked into the wound form an exudate


  5. Bone and Muscle injuryopen mouth and try to remove with forceps, doesn't always work, may cause more harm