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  1. Maintain Hydration
    Replace fluid loss
    Maintain IV access
    Increase Urine output
    Nutritional support
  2. Wound Lavage
  3. Allergic reaction
  4. Enterogastric lavage
  5. Wound Debridement
  1. a gastric lavage is performed, stomach tube left in place, enema performed with body temp water slowly retrograde until clear water flows from stomach tube (always under general anesthesia with cuffed ET tube
  2. b usually non-life threatening emergency, cause insect bite, drug reactions, vaccine reaction.
    Signs: Facial swelling, difficult breathing, hives, vomiting&diarrhea, pain, itching, and licking.
    Tx. for owners: Cold water, benadryl, pull out stinger if still present
  3. c Usually performed surgically, enzymatic with commercial solution with trypsin
  4. d removes debris, reduces number of bacteria in the wound, do not add antibiotics to the fluid, moderate pressure is most important
  5. e 5 reasons for fluid therapy

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  1. drooling, bitter taste, can cause hyperactivity and aggression
  2. fluids for the tx of shock (phase)
  3. Objective parameters (3)
  4. first priority in toxic exposure cases
  5. position for patient over 15lbs

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  1. Alkalidrain openers, oven cleaners, bleach, industrial cleaners, denture cleaner, bath and house cleaner, radiator agents, hair relaxers, alkaline batteries, electric dishwasher soap, oven cleaner pads, cement. Causes deeper lesions than acid injury


  2. One swift motion when animal coughsgi upset, further problems if included in meds


  3. Woundthis is created when an insult disrupts normal integrity of the tissue


  4. Inflammatory Phasewound strength increases to maximum level, number of capillaries in the fibrous tissue decrease, This stage begins once collagen has been adequately deposited in the wound, this process occurs for several years, the wound never regains strength


  5. Cholecalciferolcauses increase in serum calcium levels, can lead to renal failure, cardiovascular abnormalities. and tissue mineralization , 18-36 hours post-ingestion , Aggressive decontamination is most important- repeated activated charcoal every 8-12 hours for 1-2 days. Close monitoring of blood levels- renal and calcium/