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  1. One swift motion when animal coughs
  2. Basic Life support
  3. Emesis is not recommended
  4. Grapes and Raisins
  5. Crash Cart supplies
  1. a includes the ABC's of resucitation, if animal is under anesthesia stop immediately.
  2. b when and how should you remove a lodged object (what should you wait for the animal to do?)
  3. c some types shown to cause renal failure in dogs, currently being studied, unknown amounts cause problems, so any could be dangerous
  4. d Et tubes, laryngoscope, mouth gags, tie gauze, lidocaine, syringes and caths, needles, curved mayo scissors, q tips, tongue depress. 4x4 gauze, gloves, vet wrap, sterile saline
  5. e tx is not recommended in patients that have ingested corrosives, cationic detergents, acids, alkali, hydrocarbons due to possible aspiration, lube oils fuel oil, butane, propane, kerosene, mineral spirits, or gasoline

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  1. 5 Steps in treatment of toxicities
  2. lily of valley, oleander, rhododendrum, azalea, rosebay, yew, foxglove, and kalanchoe
  3. Ocular- 20-30 mins flush, corneal ulceration
    Dermal- bath immed. with mild dish soap, monitor for burns and other skin change. pain meds, NSAIDS, or abx.
    Ingestion- oral dilution with milk/water, monitor and treat for oral esophageal burns
  4. breathing problems X-ray position, must see vet.
    Signs: open mouth, cyanosis, head and neck extended, Avoid stress, let animal lay however they are comfortable, avoid restraint
  5. emesis is usually only productive if done in the first ? hrs
    Works better if you feed a small, moist meal prior to inducing vomiting

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  1. Colloid solutionsusually non-life threatening emergency, cause insect bite, drug reactions, vaccine reaction.
    Signs: Facial swelling, difficult breathing, hives, vomiting&diarrhea, pain, itching, and licking.
    Tx. for owners: Cold water, benadryl, pull out stinger if still present


  2. Open Fracture/Fracturegastric lavage is performed, stomach tube left in place, enema performed with body temp water slowly retrograde until clear water flows from stomach tube (always under general anesthesia with cuffed ET tube


  3. Vet team responds quickly
    Minimize confusion
    Sets expected standard of care
    Helps train new members
    Subjective parameters (3)


  4. Flush for 20-30 minsOcular toxicity tx


  5. 1 breath with 5 compression'show many breaths and compression if you have two people


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