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Honors World History Chapter 29 Test Review


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Union of Austria and Germany
opposition to all war
Germany, Italy, and Japan
Axis Powers
Spain's fascist dictator
Francisco Franco
giving in to the demands of an aggressor
the act of remaining neutral
"lightning war" using improved tanks and airpower
the German air force
law allowing FDR to sell or lend war materials to those who were fighting for freedom
Lend-Lease Act
Nazi detention and killing centers for civilians considered enemies of the state
Concentration camps
mass slaughter of jews--final solution
At the _____ , the Big Three planned a final strategy
Yalta Conference
____ led the allied forces into North Africa
Dwight Eisenhower
Women factory workers, each symbolized by ____ contributed to the American war effort
Rosie the Riveter
The German suffered a major defeat at ____
The 1944 Allied invasion of France is known as ______
program to develop the atomic bomb
Manhattan Project
the end of the war in Europe
V-E day
a way to recapture Japanese held territory
the target of the world's first atomic bomb
pilots who undertook suicide missions
___ was a military alliance of the United States
Marshall Plan
The Soviet Union formed a military alliance called the
Warsaw Pact
A U.S. aid package to Western European countries was called the ____
After the war, Nazi leaders were tried in the city of ___- for their crimes during the war
the ___ was a state of tension after World War II
United Nations
state of tension and hostility between nations aligned with the United Staes on one side and the Soviet Union on the other, without armed conflict between the major rivals
cold war
Which of these battles was a turning point after which the U.S. took the offensive in the Pacific?
Midway Island
President who issued a policy stating that Americans would resist Soviet expansion in the world
Harry Truman
Naval base in Hawaii that was attacked by Japan in 1941
Pearl Harbor
"D-Day" refers to the
Allied invasion of france
The Allied forces ended the war in Europe by
capturing Berlin
Which nation suffered the highest number of casualties in World War II?
the soviet union
The war in Europe ended with the
surrender of Germany
The major rivals in the Cold War were
the united states and the soviet union
what was the result of the civiil war in spain?
Francisco Franco came into power and created a fascist dictatorship.
Hitler broke his promises in what pact?
The Munich Pact
What event marked the beginning of world war 2
Germany's invasion of Poland
What was the result of operation sea lion?
Hitler gave up his plans to invade Britain
The atlantic charter was an agreement between?
The United States and Britain
the concept of total war included
the regulation of wages and prices
The Yalta conference was held in the air of _____
The Battle of Bulge
the massive counterattack against the Allies
civil war in Spain in which General Franco succeeded in overthrowing the republican government
Spanish civil war
Define appeasement and Anschluss. How was Hitler's Anschluss an example of British and French appeasement?
Anschluss—the union of Germany and Austria; appeasement—giving in to the demands of an aggressor to keep the peace; The British and French did nothing when Hitler took Austria.
Define blitzkrieg. What were the advantages of this war tactic?
"lightning war"; Speed and firepower allow the attacker to overrun defenders.
Where did the D-Day invasion take place? What was its significance?
Normandy, in northern France; D-Day signaled the beginning of the libera- tion of France.
What happened at the Yalta Conference? How did it fore- shadow later events?
Leaders agreed that the Soviet Union would join the war against Japan within three months of Germany's surrender and that Germany would be temporarily divided. It signaled trou- ble to come because the three leaders did not trust each other.
What technological advantage did the Manhattan Project give the Allies? How was it used?
the world's first atomic bombs; They dropped two on Japanese cities, which led the Japanese to surrender.
Summarize the steps that Axis powers took to achieve world
power prior to World War II.
Japan overran Manchuria and East- ern China; Italy conquered Ethiopia; Germany rearmed and seized Austria and Czechoslovakia; Germany, Italy, and Japan signed an agreement of cooperation; and Germany and the Soviet Union signed a pact.
How did government control of economic production help
defeat Germany and Japan?
by allowing the fighting countries to greatly increase their ability to produce needed weapons and supplies
Summarize how the Allies defeated Germany.
advanced in the Soviet Union, North Africa then Italy, and France, carried out extensive bombing
What was the cold war?
state of tension between the Untied States and the Soviet Union
What hap- pened in Spain before Francisco Franco started a civil war there?
a new more liberal government passed reforms about upset conservatives
american general who led Allied troops on D-Day; later became president
Dwight D Eisenhower
British Prime Minister who vowed to never surrender
Winston Churchill
US president at the end of WWII, ordered the dropping of the atomic bomb
Harry Truman
What happened on Dec. 7, 1941?
The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, which led to the US's entry in the war.
How many Jews died during the Holocaust?
6 million
Detention centers for civilians considered enemies of the state
Concentration camps
Roosevelt and Churchill issued this which set goals for the war and postwar world
Atlantic Charter
Japanese experienced their first serious setback from this that lasted for five days
First time in naval history that the enemies didn't see each other, but rather used planes launched from aircraft carriers
Battle of the Coral Sea
ranklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill issued the Atlantic Charter in 1941, which
set the goals for the war and for the postwar world
the Germans bypassed the Maginot Line through their invasion
Which of the following men was NOT a fascist dictator?
In 1943, the Nazis began sending the Jews from which European city to the Treblinka death camp at a rate of 5,000 a day?
Which Soviet city was the site of a prolonged German siege, beginning in September of 1941, resulting in over a million deaths?
What is the name of the Japanese emperor that surrendered to the United States on August 10, 1945?
The "Desert Fox" was the nickname for
General Erwin Rommel
Trapped between Nazi army and the English Channel, over 300,000 British troops were rescued from the French beaches of __________ and Ostend.
The _____ ____ cemented the division of Europe into "eastern" and "western" blocs.
Warsaw Pact
key causes of WWII
• Failure of World War I peace settlement, Treaty of Versailles
• Global economic depression
• Fascism, militarism, and imperialism in Germany, Italy,
and Japan
• Weakness of the League of Nations
• British and French appeasement
British Prime Minister before Winston Churchill
Neville Chamberlain
Important events in WW2
Germany invading poland
Battle of Britain
Peal Harbor
Battle of G
Battle of Stalingrad
Battle of Bulge
VE day
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
VJ day
Discuss the outcomes & results of the Battle of Coral Sea & the Battle of Midway:
battles were in the Pacific, and led the US to "island hop" with the goal of making it to mainland
Hitler became the essential dictator of Germany in which decade?