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  • When is an electron in an atom likely to move from one energy level to another?
    Electrons are likely to move from one energy level to another when atoms gain or lose energy.
  • What model do scientists use to describe how electrons move around the nucleus?
    The electron cloud model.
  • Describe the most stable configuration of the electrons in an atom.
    The most stable configuration is the one in which the electrons are in orbitals with the lowest possible energy.
  • What did Bohr contribute to modern atomic theory?
    Bohr contributed the idea that electrons have energy levels with specific amounts of energy.
  • What does the electron cloud represent?
    An electron cloud represents the most probable locations of an electron in an atom.
  • Was Rutherford's model of an atom incorrect or incomplete?
    The electrons in the second energy level will have more energy than the electrons in the first energy level.