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  1. Spurn
  2. Chortle
  3. Ostentation
  4. Zenith
  5. Staunch
  1. a Chuckle with delight or possibly snort
  2. b The highest point; the peak
    A pinnacle of personal achievement
    The upper portion of the sky or celestial sphere
  3. c Loyal; faithful; dependable
    Faithful; True; Strong
  4. d Showing off new found wealth
    Displaying all you know
  5. e Another word for scorn
    Turned away and rejected
    Kick at or tread on disrespectfully

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  1. Reluctant; unwilling
    Hesitate to do something for fear that of getting in trouble
  2. Very talkative
    Tiresomely chatty rambling
  3. The source of a river or idea
    A source of fresh new ideas
    Fountainhead of the water supply
  4. A merging together of people
    Coming together of two or more streams as they flow into a larger body of water
    To combine different points of view into one plan
  5. Easily angered
    Outburst in a disagreeable irritable way
    Easily angered; grouchy; quick-tempered

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  1. FlauntScorns; treats with contempt
    Mocking or scorning sound ideas


  2. StemStop the flow of a liquid
    -The main original part of a word or object
    -To originate or cause
    A stalk or trunk of a plant


  3. SimperTo smirk, smile foolishly
    Silly self-conscious smile


  4. MaelstromTurbulent, violent, whirlpool
    Disturbing deeply felt confusion of ideas or feelings


  5. GregariousVery talkative
    Tiresomely chatty rambling