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  1. Rail
  2. Loath
  3. Ostentation
  4. Flout
  5. Recluse
  1. a Withdrawn from society
    Wants to be alone
  2. b Strong hostile words to convey their feelings
    Expressing harsh criticism
    Bars of the fencing, or any metal or wooden support piece
    What a train travels on the cross ties on a railroad track
    To separate or close in with fencing or bars
  3. c Showing off new found wealth
    Displaying all you know
  4. d Reluctant; unwilling
    Hesitate to do something for fear that of getting in trouble
  5. e Scorns; treats with contempt
    Mocking or scorning sound ideas

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  1. To smirk, smile foolishly
    Silly self-conscious smile
  2. Reach the highest point
    Coming to an end is the peak reached
    Climax and conclusion
  3. Flock
    Socially seeking and enjoying the company of others as often as possible
  4. Loyal; faithful; dependable
    Faithful; True; Strong
  5. Apparent or pretend purpose

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  1. StemStop the flow of a liquid
    -The main original part of a word or object
    -To originate or cause
    A stalk or trunk of a plant


  2. MaelstromTurbulent, violent, whirlpool
    Disturbing deeply felt confusion of ideas or feelings


  3. SheerTurning aside or deviating from your course
    A thin transparent object
    Utter total pure


  4. WellspringThe source of a river or idea
    A source of fresh new ideas
    Fountainhead of the water supply


  5. LaconicConcise, using few words