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Daniel Boxburger WWU

who had War clans and peace clans?


AKA Hiawatha

Iroquois Confederacy

Unto These Hills


Who is James Vann related with


Delaware Confederacy


who utilized riverine agriculture?


which tribe allowed Freed Men to join?


Which tribe did the Worcester v. Georgia affect?


According to the Pocahontas Syndrome, Natove American women are usually portrayed as?

Loyal helpmates for non-Native characters

Columbus's writings that compared the peaceful Arawak with the cannibalistic Carib is an example of?

The noble savage/ruthless savage dichotomy

The first native north americans to have direct contact with europeans were probably the?


The tonto syndrome characterizes the way native american males are portrayed in popular film. according to the tonto syndrom native american males are...

Secondary to the main character who is almost always european american

an example of an anachronism would be

The lakota sioux being introduced to guns in 1865

one of the problems with early academic anthropology was that

it portrayed native culture in a changeless state

the problem of historicizing native american cultures refers to

the idea that native americans have been denied a place in history

the concept of the later 1800's and early 1900's that suggested the native people were disappearing culturally and physically is know as

the vanishing race

a geographical area occupied by a number of people whos lifestyles show a significant degree of similarity with on another and at the same time show a significant degree of dissimilarity with the lifestyles of people of other areas.

culture area

the most commonly accepted scientific theory for the people of north america is

the beringia land bridge

according to the vine deloria in the arctic low bridge the scientific theories of the migration of people to the north america has contemporary political implications for native americans


The most common kinship system among native north americans especially north and southeast


The native american cultures of the northeast and southeast culture areas demonstrate a close correlation between subsistence practices kinship types. this correlation suggests

the matrilineal system prevail in certain types of agricultural societies

The three sisters of the iroquois

Corn, beans, squash

the dominant forms of intensive agriculture in native north america, ca. 1500

swidden, riverine, and irrigation

the type of agriculture practiced in the southeast culture are ca. 1500


the communicable disease which had the most devastating effects on the native people of North america


a major reason native americans succumbed to disease in the 1500's was because

they had no acquired resistance

one reason why the first epidemics to hit native north america in early 1500s were so devastating because

the population density was likely at its peak

The commerce clause is in the?

constitution of the united states

what is meant by the supreme court ruling that indian tribes are domestic dependent nations?

indians tribes retain some degree of sovereignty

which of the following tribes is NOT part of the original iroquois confederacy


indian treaties in the united states are

the supreme law of the land

The royal proclamation of 1763

established the right of aboriginal ownership of land

the only event in history that caused the break up of the iroquois confederacy was?

the american revolution

in the iroquois confederacy the purpose of the wampum belt was to

sanctify important agreements

the chiefs of the iroquois confederacy are chosen by?

the elder women of the clans

within the iroquois confederacy decisions were made by?


the seminole were originally part of the


according to your instructor, the five civilized tribes were able to penetrate the european-american dominated economy by

adapting many of the same agricultural techniques

sequoyah's syllabary is used for writing which language?


the forced removal of native peoples from the southeast was so complete that no tribes remain in the southeast today


the purpose of the indian removal act of 1830 was to

remove all native people in the east to west of the mississippi river

the trail of tears refers to

the removal of the cherokee to oklahoma

the run of 89 refers to

the opening of land in oklahoma for non indan settlement

what is the major impact of the indian removal act today?

there are a large number of non-recognized tribes in the southeast

a major difference between treaties and agreements is that

agreements are more easily changed

according to your instructor, the ___________ has created the most contentious issue stemming from the treaties govenor isaac stevens negotiated in washington territory

Subsistance clause

the makah have a right to hunt whales because

Their treaty stipulates the right

to be recognized as "American Indian" by the US federal government an individual must

demonstrate at lease 1/4 degree indian blood, and be a member of a federally recognized tribe

federally-recognized tribes are created by

treaty, executive order, and an act of congress

according to your instructor indigenous rights issues in the usa, canada and mexico center on

land, resources, and self-governance

indian policy in both the usa and canada stem from the

royal proclamation of 1763

the stevens treaties of western washington are a prime example of which era of treaty making

treaties of land cession and reservations

the public outcry over makah whaling that reacted to the use of modern technology to harvest the wales is an example of which "persistent stereotype"

the anachronism syndrome

prior to the adoption of the horse the people ofthe plains culture area met their needs for subsistence by

som groups were hunters, some groups were farmers

plains warfare, prior to the wars with the united states, was primarily for the purpose of

gaining status and prestige

the ghost dance spread throughout the plains during the wars with the united states because it promised

a world free of whites, that the dead would come back to life, and the buffalo would return

The NAGPRA was considered necessary because of the

huge number of human remains held by museums

the controversy surrounding the remains known as the ancient one (kennewick man) provided an excellent example of the problems of the perception of race in american culture. The american anthropological association (and your instructor) argue that we must view race as

being about culture, not biology and a perception embedded in institutions and everyday life

Kennewick man was probably


the people of the great basin were so dependent on localized food resources that tehy

practiced agriculture of native plants

the creation of the pyramid lake paiute reservation was brought about by

conflict over resources

the purpose of the "colonies" in the great basin culture area was

to provide access to wage labor

what is the winters doctrine

the legal interpretation of water allocation in the western united states

Puha refers to the cuiuidokado concept of


one of the main reasons the pyramid lake paiute were powerless to stop the diversion of the truckee river was because

they are a non treaty tribe

encomienda refers to

the spanish system of colonization

the policy of the US that initiated moves to end the federal relationship with native american tribes is know as

termination policy

The era of mexican domination over the native people of california was characterized by

the establishment of private "ranchos"

institutionalized genocide in northern california was perpetrated by the


on impact of the relocation program of the 1950s on california was

the emergence of intertribal political movements

it is likely that the horses spread to native ameican groups in the plateau culture before the horse spread to the northern plains culture ares


the most common form of kinship system in the southwest culture ares is


in the southwest culture area "the way" refers to

the path of life every nacajo must follow

one of the principle reasons given for the rapid territorial expansions of the navajo after 1868 was

their pastoral lifestyle

the important difference between treat reservations created by executive order or an act of congress is

mos significant in dealing with issues of right to natural resources

the navajo-hopi land dispute primarily came about because of

the need for more coal for the navajo generating plants

the navajo and hopi are an example of native americans cultures which are very different culturally yet both have belief systems which focus on

harmony and balance

the event in the 1860's that caused the displacement of most of the navajo tribe is remembered today as

the long walk

one of the most controversial disputes in the southwest and great basin culture areas today is

the control of water

in the 1930's the US gov. began the stock reduction program on the navajo res because

overgrazing was causing silt problems in the colorado river

according to your instructor, one of the major sources of conflict between the navajo and hopi over land use is

their differeing world views

according to your instructor, the division of the joint use area was initiated by the US federal Gov. because

the navajo were willing to mine the coal found there

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