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  1. Fulcrum
  2. Simple Machines do 3 things to the force we apply when working
  3. Power
  4. Gravity
  5. Foot-pounds
  1. a the place where a lever pivots
  2. b the measure of work; 1 pound of work to move something 1 foot
  3. c the force of the Earth's attraction
  4. d 1)change direction of force; 2)make the force greater; 3)make the force less
  5. e the speed at which work is done

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  1. Simple: door knob, windmill, screwdriver
  2. Simple: threaded bolt & nut, screw, spiral staircase
  3. how power is measured (1 joule per second)
  4. Simple: window blind rope, flagpole rope
  5. Simple: claw of hammer, bottle opener

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  1. Work= F x D (the force that makes something move times the distance that it moves)


  2. Losswhen something moves in the direction that the force is acting


  3. AxeCompound: wedge, lever


  4. Can Openerthe speed at which work is done


  5. Compound Machinea machine with only one kind of movement