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the thousand and one nights

book title of life at the court of the caliph al-rashid

the harem

innovation of the abbasid court with respect to women

puberty (age 9)

when women were legally married during abbasid era

buyids of persia

regional splinter dynasty that captured baghdad in 945

seljuk turks

captured baghdad in 1055


the religious affiliation of seljuk turks


when jerusalem was captured by christian crusaders


when the fall of acre, the last crusader stronghold fell


muslim leader responsible for the reconquest of most of the territories belonging to the christian crusaders


primary written language of the later abbasid court


book where work related to history of perisa from creation to islamic conquests


orthodox relgious scholars that grew suspicious/hostile to non islamic ideas & sci thinking


group that captured baghdad in 1258


when muslims first raided into india

muhammad ibn Qasim

commander of the first islamic incursion into the sind in 711

muhammad of Ghazi

descendant of a turkish slave dynasty in afghanistan that led a series of expeditions into india to seize booty in 11th century

muhammad of Ghur

ruler who was associated with the transition from raiding to the establishment of an islamic empire in india


capital of islamic kingdom est. after 1206 in india

buddhist or low caste groups

the groups in india who were most likely to convert to islam


the empire where the spread of islam to SE Asia was delayed untill the fall of buddhist trade

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