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Kitchen Readiness Test

Measurements, Cooking Appliances, Kitchen Procedure, Kitchen Safety
1 tbsp= how many teaspoons
3 tsp
1 cup=how many tablespoons
16 tbsp
1 cup= how many ounces
8 oz.
1 pint=cup?
2 cup
1 gallon=quarts?
4 quarts
16 cups
1 gallon=pints
8 pints
2 pints=quart?
1 quart
1 pint
1 cup=sticks o butter
ounces per quart
proper hand washing
use warm water
lots of hand soap
30 seconds or long enough to say the alphabet
under nails and to wrists
paper towel to dry
sweep up broken dishes
get broom/dust pan
dont pick up pieces with your hands
How to leave class
mrs. m will dismiss
proper sweeping
use a dustpan to collect and throw away dirt
done at the end of every period
dish washing
food into trash
wash in hot soapy water in bucket
rinse thoroughly under hot water
in drying rack
clean dry towel to dry
not sanitary to hand dry dishes with towel-plates and cups upside down so they will drip dry
hand dry utensils
sponge cleaning
wring/rinse out a sponge
(stop bacteria-need water to grow longer wet, more time to grow)
place in drying rack