HTML Basics

Basics to HTML: paragraphs, formatting, headers, elements, attributes, fonts, styles, links, images, tables, lists, forms, frames, Iframes, colors, colornames, colorvalues, quicklists.
<b />
bold text
<p />
Creates a new paragraph, with line space
<sub />
<sup />
<abbr />
<acronym />
acronym, similar to abbreviation
<br />
defines a line break
<a />
defines an anchor
<img />
defines an image as a link (instead of a text link)
<html />
defines the whole HTML document
<body />
defines the visible content to the public on an HTML document
1.Describe more information of an element (use a space to include another attribute)
2.come in name/value pairs like: name="value"
are defined from h1 through h6, with ascending order of importance
<h1 />
header 1
<hr />
defines a horizontal line (empty element)
defines a comment
<bdo />
bi-directional override
attribute: dir="rtl"
reads text from right to the left, in conjunction with <bdo /> tag
<q />
small quotations
<blockquote />
browser will insert spacing for long block quotes
HTML Link Syntax
<a href="url">link text<a />
attribute: target="_blank"
the link will open a new window/tab
attribute: src="image_name.jpg"
describes an image to link to a new destination
attribute: name="nick_name"
defines a bookmark within an HTML document
attribute: href="#nick_name"
defines the destination of a link inside the same HTML document
attribute: href="url/another_page.htm#nick_name"
specifies a link "nick_name" from another page
attribute: target="_top"
if your locked in a frame? (find out more)