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The Midnight ride of Paul Revere

Test on December 2, 2011

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What signal is Paul Revere's friend supposed to give
One if by land and two if by sea- using lanterns
Why does Paul revere turn around after he sees the first light
To see if he could see one light or two
What is a steed
A horse
According to the poem, where is Revere at two o'clock
The bridge in Concord Town
What is Paul Revere's Midnight message
The redcoats are coming
Which details support the idea that Revere is a revolutionary
When Revere told the men to join him in arms
Why does Paul Revere ride throughout the night to the homes of various Patriots
To warn them that the British are coming
What does "one of by land two if by sea" mean
One if by land means the British are coming by land and two means they are traveling in boats
How do the warnings of Revere and his partners help the Patriots
To get them ready to fight the British. The Patriots lose some men at Lexington but protected themselves at Concord
What have you learned about Paul Revere's contribution to the making of our nation
That he warned the Patriots that the Red Coats were coming and helped plan the Bosten Tea Party