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  1. Defunct
  2. Mundane
  3. Hackeyed
  4. Fastidious
  5. Compelling
  1. a concerned that even the smallest details should be just right
  2. b no longer operative, or functional
  3. c attracting strong interest
  4. d commonplace, boring, overuse
  5. e commonplace, average, not special

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  1. strong disagreeable smell or taste
  2. having or showing careful regard for what is morally right
  3. a strong feeling of dislike of somebody or something
  4. to bring two or more people back into a friendly relationship
  5. not straightforward or direct

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  1. Gregariousvery friendly and sociable


  2. Odiousnot straightforward or direct


  3. Resilientable to recover quickly


  4. Mawkishbland, unappetizing


  5. Refuteto prove something was an error