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  1. Pallid
  2. Rancid
  3. Aversion
  4. Hackeyed
  5. Exorbitant
  1. a a strong feeling of dislike of somebody or something
  2. b strong disagreeable smell or taste
  3. c pale complexion
  4. d commonplace, boring, overuse
  5. e unreasonably high or large

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  1. not straightforward or direct
  2. able to recover quickly
  3. very friendly and sociable
  4. a departure from what is normal
  5. commonplace, average, not special

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  1. Sanguinestrong disagreeable smell or taste


  2. Compellingattracting strong interest


  3. Vacillatecan't make a decision, indecisive, changing opinions, avoiding the answer


  4. Pillageto rob a place using force, especially during a war


  5. Scrupulousinspiring hatred