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What is the purpose of nasal flaring

allows the infant to get more air by widening of the nares during inspiration

What is cyanosis

lack of oxygen to the tissue

Why does a baby have retractions

lungs are becoming less compliant and pressure is needed to overcome it

what is the major factor of the development of RDS

deficiency of surfactant production

What is used to make a definitive diagnosis of RDS

xray - will have ground glass apperance

what are the traditional treatments for RDS

surfactant replacement
ventilatory support with peep or CPAP

What are the 4 factors linked to BPD

oxygen toxicity
presence of PDA
fluid overload

what two measures should health care providers consider to prevent BPD

lowest possible airway pressure and lowest FI02

what is the sound of the systolic murmur heard in the upper left sternal border if an infant has PDA

washing machine

what are the two treatments for PDA

fluid restrictions

what are the three factors of PPHN

pulmonary vasoconstriction
severly increased pulmonary vascular resistance
right to left shunting

how does nitric oxide treat PPHN


what are the 4 defects involved in Tetrology of Fallot

Ventricular septal defect
an overriding aorta
ventricular right hypertrophy
pulmonary artery stenosis

what is the defect involved in Transposition of the Great Vessels?

the aorta arises from the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery arises from the left ventricle / positions are reversed from normal

What is used to verify the diagnosis of Tetrology of Fallout and transposition of the Great Vessels

Cardiac Catherization

Prostaglandine E is a drug often given to treat what disease

transportation of the Great Vessels

in PDA where do you put the transcutaneous monitoring

right arm post ductally on the admonem NEVER ON BONES

how do you prevent thermal injuries

rotate every 2-4 hours and keep the temp less than 44 degrees

RDS is also known as what

Hyaline membrane disease HMD

what is BPD Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia

chronic lung disease that occurs in premature infants that required high pressure and high FI02 for the first week or more of life

what is PPHN persistant pulmonary hypertension

clinical syndrome of pulmonary vasoconstriction with severely increased pulmonary vascular resistance and right to left shunting

what is diaphragmatic Hernia

is a prostrusion or projection of an organ through an abnormal opening

what is patent ductus arteriosus PDA

the ductus arteriousus remains open after birth

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