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ectopic foci

sorces for the electrical impulse that triggers cardiac contraction that lie outside the SA node

can valvular defects in the heart be detected with a 12 lead EKG


what is suggested by an inverted T wave on the EKG


what is the normal period of time for the PR interval

<.20 seconds

what parameter is measured on the vertical axis of the EKG paper


what structure paces a healthy heart

SA node

what structure serves as the backup pacemaker

AV node

Which wave represents the depolarization of the ventricles


which wave represents the repolarization of the ventricles

T wave

why is the electrical impulse temporarily delated at the AV node

so the ventricle can fill up

in what part of the cardiac conduction system does the electrical impulse travel most rapidly

purkinjie fibers

what condition is often associated with right axis deviation

copd with cor pulmonale

wht is the normal maximum length of the pwave

no more than 2.5mm high 3mm lng

what is the widith of the normal QRS


what term is used to define the ability of certain cells to depolarize with out stimulation


what physical/clinical conditions are associated with tachycardia

hr>100 anxiety fever hypovolemia and hypoxemia, side effect of medications

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