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  1. propensity
  2. inevitable
  3. cognizant
  4. diverse
  5. insidious
  1. a tendency or inclination to do something
  2. b having or showing knowledge
  3. c certain to happen; impossible to avoid
  4. d to act in an evil way
  5. e of a different kind, form or character; unlike

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  1. having a quality that is completely different from anything
  2. beginner, a person new to something
  3. spend wastefully
  4. composed of similar or identical parts of elements
  5. puzzling person, event, or situation

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  1. exonerateto strive to equal or excel mostly through imitation


  2. sedentaryrequiring sitting or little activity


  3. conciliatoryhaving or showing knowledge


  4. precipitiousextremely or impassibly steep


  5. stringentrigorously binding, strict