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presure cooker

An autoclave can best be compared to what kitchen appliance?


Bacteria smear that the organisms resemble a pearl necklace?


Bacteria smear that the organisms resemble stitching on jeans?


A hemolyzed specimen has the least detrimental effect on the white blood cell differential.

potential risks to public health

FDA assigns categories of tests performed in the clinical lab on the basis of ___________.

facultative anareobe

an organism that is flexible as far as its oxygen requirements are concerned is called a(n)_________


How many toweletts are used for a female patient for a CCMS urine specimen?


What does HDL transport?


Troponin is a component of a(n) ______ panel.

quality assurance is the pledge of healthcare professionals to work to achieve the highest degree of excellence in the healthcare given to every patient

What is Quality assurance?

clinical laboratory improvement act

What is CLIA ?


Stuart and Amies media are examples of a _______ medium.


What is the magnification of the ocular of the microscope ?

triiodothyronine, thyroid-stimulating hormone,thyroxine

What hormones are detected in the thyroid panel?


What pathological condition might a sweet odor in urine suggest?


A UTI can be diagnosed if an organism isolated from a CCMS specimen in pure culture and is present on a quantity greater than ______ per mL of urine.


What are tiny gram negative organism transmitted by blood-sucking insects?


A blood C&S test is most likely performed in which division of the clinical lab?


when the 40x objective is in place in the microscope, the total magnification of the specimen is ____.


Urine from a child that has a mousy smell most likely has a diagnosis of _________.


Urine with suspected high levels of _____ should be stored in a dark place before testing.

A portion of a well mixed sample removed for testing

Define aliquot.


Is interrupting abnormal results or providing diagnosis the responsibility of the medical assistant?


Should an antibiotic be considered for treating an infection if the letter "S" is next to it on microbiology lab report?

A blood sample in which the red blood cells have ruptured

Define hemolyzed.


Urine sample has a fruity odor, which test do you expect to be elvated on chemical analysis?

the study of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, parasites and viruses

What is microbiology?


Are normal microbiota involved is homeostasis?


The protime (prothrombin time) is performed to evaluate Warfarin or Coumadin therapy and is collected in a light-blue vacutainer tube


Lab tests performed in a physicians office are most likely to be categorized as: moderate complexity and waived.


What color rods would a sputum specimen containing AFB reveal?


Could both anemia and excessive squezzing of the finger during collection cause a decreased hematocrit?


Is Hemoglobin A1c measured to monitor diabetes?


A gram-positive bacillus appears as ____ rods.

37 degree celcus

What is the most common temp for an incubator?


You need copies of material safety data sheets (MSDS) for several products, the first step is to contact manufacturer of the product.

tightly-coiled,spiral shaped bacteria

Define spirochetes:


Is Helicobacter pylori a test to assist in diagnosis of stomach ulcers?


Antibodies are produced by plasma cells, can nutralize viruses and toxins directly and are protein molecules.

culturette transport system

Collection of a throat culture requires a:


Suspension of bacteria allowed to air dry on a slide in preparation for staining is a bacterial smear.

solids from liquids, crystals from urine and blood

What is a centrifuge used to seperate?


What color is common in both gram stain and acid-fast stain?


What color is the buffy coat?

37 degreese celcus

What temp do most pathogenic organisms remain viable?


If you fail to refrigerate urine what test will be increased?

750 to 2000 mL (or 2L)

What is the normal volume of urine produced in 24 hour period?


What do you do with a urine test that cannot be tested within 30 minutes?

Sterile clean-catch midstream (CCMS) container

Collection of urine culture requires_______?


Infection acquired in the hospital is __?

yellow-topped vacutainer tube

Collection of a blood culture requires _______?

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